La Florentine Torrone, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, 7.62-Ounce, 18-Count Boxes

La Florentine Torrone, Lemon, Orange and Vanilla is a product of Italy.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 4 (total 30.48-oz)
  • No preservative
  • Made in Italy

Top reviews

Five stars? Really?

I think people are reviewing this product based on how pretty the box and each individual wrapping looks. To me these taste like flowers. Not good.
SimonneCoalgate, OK

Old favorite, sometimes hard to find

I’ve had this candy all my life at Christmas time in OH. I moved to CA and I couldn’t find the La Florantine brand. I tried a couple of others and was really disappointed. They were good, but not as good, not the flavors you get with La Florentine, and the individual wrapping keeps the candy fresh for a long time.

Our local Italian store, DeVitis, which is so fantastic you can’t believe the quality and prices, sells the nougat candy for $8 a box. Enjoy!

ShaunOak Hall, VA

Welcome Holiday Gifts

This past holiday season these unusual to many people candies made an original and unusual holiday or hostess/host gift. For those who knew Italy, they were like old friends. For those being introduced for the first time, they were welcome new friends. Each piece of chewy nougat with almonds was individually wrapped and sealed and placed inside it’s own decorated box, similar to the main box decoration. On each was a portrait of a beloved historical character from about the 1800’s, three different pictures, each one signifying a different flavor. Each piece of white nougat in addition has a very thin top and bottom of egg white. No, it is not additinal wrapping ( it could easily be mistaken as a thin layer of paper ) but is meant to be eaten and keep fingers from becoming sticky. Each of the three flavors are subtle and delicious. It was like being back in Italy as they brought on many good memories.
WinnifredIgnacio, CO


My Grandmother used to give this exact box of candy every Christmas. I was so excited to see the familiar box on! The candy tastes exactly as I remember it, but the pieces are much smaller and the edible paper on the sides is much lighter. It was still good enough for a great trip down memory lane!
JolandaSorrento, LA

Very tasty, nicely packed

I’m a huge fan of torrone – it just is not Christmas without it. This is the first time I tried this brand and found it to be quite tasty (especially the lemon version). Each one comes individually wrapped so it’s easy to parcel them out as stocking stuffers.

This is the white torrone that is semi-hard. There’s also a version that is chocolate-based and very soft (basically, the white nougat is replaced with a dark chocolate nougat, with a lot of hazelnuts and wrapped in the edible paper). That is my all-time favorite, especially the one made in L’Aquila, Italy (sorry, can’t remember the brand name) which is not sold in the US. If you’re ever there, you have to try it.

LibbieCedarville, AR

La Florentine Torrone

La Florentine Torrone, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, 6.35-Ounce, 18-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)

Wonderful, exactly the same as when my Italian grandmother gave them to me as a child over 40 years ago! Purchased them for an Italian themed party and everyone loved them. It was fun introducing this old favorite to so many people.

HirokoMiddle Village, NY

Ahhhhhh yes!

When I was growing up torrones meant that Christmas was very close. The entire family loved this nougat candy and we were sad when it was gone because you had to wait a year before you saw it again. Even the Italian specialty stores only carried it during the Holidays.
But, now we have the Internet! And you can get stuff like this whenever you want.
It’s not exactly the same as when I was a kid. But that’s good. Each piece is wrapped and sealed in foil now – they used to just have a folded foil covering. Each piece is fresh.
Four boxes was a bit much for me but my brothers enjoyed the gift.
JaeCanova, SD

Just Like Old Times – Hard to Find in Brick and Mortars

I used to get these candies from an Italian deli in San Diego was I was a kid in the late 70s and early 80s. I’ve long since moved to Utah and have been craving them like crazy but couldn’t find them anywhere. But here they are, as delicious as ever! I brought some to work and people were fighting over them since they’re so good. Not overly sweet or citrusy, and with plenty of almonds, these are worth every cent.
LeonNoel, MO


I love these and they were perfect for our Italian Family Reunion. Thanks for the great and tasty product, good price.
MayolaPlainfield, NH

Traditional torrone!

I think this is a very good torrone product – my family enjoys it and I give it to friends on occasion. I’ve bought other brands but they were too hard. La Florentine is firm yet chewable and has great flavor. I’ve purchased this 4-pack several times on Amazon and it has always been fresh.
RuthaRoyal, NE


All I can say is that if the readers have never tried torrone candy, they don’t know what they’re missing. It is an almond nougat candy made in Italy and served for special occasions. It’s low fat, low sodium and no cholesterol. It has special memories for me. When I was a child, I would sneek out the back door on Sunday mornings and go over to my Italian neighbor’s house next door. She would serve me tea and toast while we visited, then she would aways send me home with 2 or 3 boxes of torrone. It is not available to buy where I live without traveling distance, so I am grateful to for the opportunity to relive those memories at holiday time!
MarqueriteFerguson, NC

Delicious & a great gift

Since I was a child, I have loved & eaten the LaFlorentine brand in the cute little packages with the 3 flavors. It also makes a great gift, because of the pretty, individually wrapped packages. It is a wonderful candy worth 5*, but I often wished they had the candy in a bar instead of the more expensive & wasteful packaging. I tried the LaFlorentine pistachio bar, it was good, but only had half the wafer as the Bellino bar. I would give it 4*. If you want more candy & less packaging, the Bellino Torrone soft nougat bar is soft, chewy, & melts in your mouth. WARNING: Don’t get the hard nougat-ONLY the soft! Once you try these delightful nougat candies, you will be hooked!!!
MableKennedy, NY

Delicious and adorable

My mom purchased these years ago when I was a little girl, and I fell in love. The boxes are beautiful, and I kept them for a while.

Years later, my mom mentioned how she had loved these. I couldn’t find them in stores anywhere, but of course Amazon came through. Christmas morning, my mom found four big boxes in her stocking (ok, next to her stocking since they didn’t fit inside).

Thankfully, she shared. And they were sooo good. These torrone candies are soft and delicious, just as they should be.

RhondaLiguori, MO

o yummy!

We, sadly, eat too many of these. The good news is that Amazon is out of these at the time of my writing. The bad news is that I had wanted to send these to family for Easter. So, instead, I sent a different brand (DeLallo Soft Torrone Almond Honey Nougat Candy, 18 Pieces, 7-Ounce Unit (Pack of 3)), one to family and one to ourselves. They were awful. I should have just hit Sees. O well, one has to try and, mostly, one gets a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, the surprise was not so pleasant. Stick to this brand. We have purchased several shipments of these and they always come through the mailing process great.
NylaAlbany, KY


I bought the La Florentine Torrone for a friend’s birthday present. We spent two weeks in Italy last year and spent a lot of time sampling and looking for a torrone that duplicated her childhood memories. She knew when she opened the box that it was the exact brand her now deceased aunt used to mail her every year for Christmas. It was the perfect gift!
RoxySaint Albans, WV


I am Italian. My Mom imported Torrone for Christmas gifts when I was growing up. These are very close. Thanks for bringing back those lovely memories with these yummy treats. Grazie
MeridithHacksneck, VA

Viva La Florentine Torrone

Excellent dessert nougat with great flavor and texture. I would definitely recommend to anyone craving a good almond nougat! I love the individually wrapped & boxed pieces with 3 different flavors and nice Italian graphics on each of the different flavored individual boxes!
LeolaIsle La Motte, VT

They were gone in minutes!!

I bought four boxes, 3 for gifts and 1 for my family. I have very fond memories of Torrone as a child and these did not disappoint. Once my sons and husband got taste of them, they were gone in minutes (they all wanted to try “one of each”). Will order more soon.
AnnBruceton Mills, WV

La Florentine Torrone

Excellent Italian nougat “candy”. This is the best price I have seen on line and in the stores. The candy was fresh, arrived in a reasonable amount of time, shipping and handling was reasaonable and we will be purchasing more of this in the future.
BobbyImnaha, OR

Good to the taste, Pleasant to the eye!

I bought this candy for my mother. She is Italian. She gave one box to her mother, sent me a box and donated a box to the Italian family reunion.
We loved the individually boxed candy and my children used the individual boxes to play with their kitchen set! We loved the candy and the packaging!
OllieCrisfield, MD