La higuera Rabitos Truffle Stuffed Fig Bon Bons, 16-Count Unit

Pure Decadent Bliss! Decadent brandy fudge stuffed dried figs dipped in chocolate.

Quick facts

  • 8.8oz – 250g
  • This gourmet product is made in Spain
  • Individually wrapped bonbon’s to maintain freshness
  • Stuffed with brandy-chocolate ganache

Top reviews

Little Pieces of Heaven

These are so rich and decadent, the dark chocolate and liquor with the whole fig is amazing. I have to order a box a year at least since I crave them so much! One piece is usually enough. Pricey but worth it!
LazaroLonaconing, MD

Rabitos truffles

The chocolates are great! I’ve become addicted to them. The only problem I have experienced with the last two shipments was that the cooling pack was not sufficient to keep them cool enough, so they arrrived half melted. Even though the taste was not changed, the appearance was less inviting and they were stuck to the packaging.
I will probably not order any until the weather gets cooler.
ChanelCoventry, RI


I go these as a gift for my husband who loves figs and chocolate-he couldn’t stop eating them! The supplier got them here pretty quickly too. They are already all eaten up!
AbramElgin, AZ

Oh man, these things are so good.

I got these for my mom last Mother’s Day and they were amazingly tasty. If you like figs even a little bit you will love these things.

Truly there is nothing I could compare the taste to becuase the flavor is so unique.

They are expensive, but seeing as how you can’t get anything else like this anywhere and they are so delicious, they are worth every penny.

EuniceArlington, VT


The chocolate covered figs were delicious and presented beautifully in the package. Great for a gift for someone who has everything.
KrisGallatin, MO

you’ve never seen figs like these!

I received these as a most wonderful gift! I’ve had my share of fancy chocolates, but I’ve never had anything like this before. The chocolate creme inside the fig is soft and flavorful. Not too sweet, not at all bitter. It’s a really rich, warm truffle with just a touch of liqueur. The dark chocolate coating is delicate and just thick and soft enough to wrap the fig without breaking off when you bite into it. The fig itself is very delicate and moist — it doesn’t seem like a piece of dried fruit.

Each piece is individually wrapped so they stay fresh. However, I can’t imagine anyone has them for very long. They make a special gift, with a lasting impression. Why not treat yourself?

UteTuscola, IL


I wouldn’t be the first person you’d ask to taste a dried fig. Yes, I like dried fruit just fine but I am not obsessed by it. That was UNTIL I tried Rabitos truffle stuffed figs. They are amazing! They are not that typical dense, chewy… These are plump, the chocolate coating is a fairly thick dark chocolate and when you take a bite…it is a sensation that is almost indescribable. There is a faint hint of liquor mixed with delectable chocolate and the fruit just sets it off. I am so glad I got my first two boxes as a set (a Lot18 deal) AND that I gave them a taste. Had I bought just one, the intended gift would never have happened and it would have been a one for me forget the one for you situation. Silly me, I thought the rest of that box I opened would be doled out as additions to name tags on certain gifts..not so, they are staying put with me although admittedly, there aren’t many left and yes, I did share them just a bit. I reluctantly wrapped the 2nd box for it’s intended recipient but have no doubts I will be buying these again and again and again.
JaquelynMilton, WV