La Panzanella Garlic Croccantini, 8-Ounce Bags

La Panzanella Bakery’s award winning crunchy little bites, have a rich, gourmet flavor, crisp texture and clear packaging that shows off these beautiful, rustic crackers. In classic Italian flavors of rosemary, fennel, sesame and black pepper, these delicious crackers are an ideal snack food or accompaniment to cheese, dips and spreads. Made with all natural ingredients, and Kof-K certified kosher and parve.

Quick facts

  • All natural ingredients, does not contain diary products or yeast
  • All natural;low fat;Kosher;no trans fat;diary free;vegetarian;vegan
  • Ready to eat and close to maintain it fresh

Top reviews

Cracked Crackers

Usually love La Panzanella products; however, the Garlic Croccantini are cracked in so many pieces from shipping, I’m not sure what to do with them. Also, the garlic flavor is overpowering. My mistake…should have chosen a milder flavor and not had them shipped.
ArvillaDe Pere, WI