La Piana Gold Quality Aged Balsamic Vinegar PGI

La Piana Aged Balsamic Vinegar is made from must of grapes that are grown exclusively in the area around Modena, Italy. The must is cooked slowly and then aged in wooden casks over time to produce a dense sweet and pleasantly acidic Balsamic Vinegar with intense flavor. Recently upgraded, La Piana’s balsamics are more dense and sweet than their previous batches. Taste and enjoy! GOLD (replaces 20 year) | full bodied and velvety, with an intense balsamic wood flavor, well balanced. Exquisite served on cuts of beef, cheeses, foie-gras, ice cream, and fruit – or a delicious digestivo.

Quick facts

  • 250ml
  • La Piana
  • Aged balsamic vinegar (20 years)
  • Aceto Balsamico di Modena
  • Imported from Italy

Top reviews

Not the real thing

Folks, I ordered this based on reviews I had read here. I wish that Amazon would at least provide the information on the label so a consumer can make a educated choice. First and foremost, this is not real balsamic vinegar. It is Wine Vinegar & cooked grape must, with a acidity of 6%. True Balsamic Vinegar ingredients is: “is made from the Trebbiano grape. The rich brown color comes from being aged in wood casks, often for decades. Although it is made from grapes, balsamic vinegar isn’t produced from wine (as are most vinegars). The authentic product may not contain any wine vinegars – the grape juice is simply reduced and then made directly into vinegar.” and will have acidity of 4%.

I made the mistake of opening my bottle and will see if Amazon will take it back.

JacindaSage, AR

Not that good…

This vinegar does not taste like 20 years old. I have bought in Italy a 15 years old balsamic for about the same price, and there is a big difference between the two. This La Piana is much mroe acidic and lacks the sweet taste and the thick look the other has. Won’t order this item again…
PorshaAtkins, AR

A gift for a foodie….

I purchased this La Piana Balsamic Vinegar for a fabulous French foodie-friend with a fiendish obsession for balsamic vinegar. Now, I should tell you that, having grown up in Provence, my friend has impeccable taste and an extremely refined palette. Since I have never tasted this brand of balsamic vinegar, I was a little nervous to order it.

No worries.

My friend is crazy about La Piana. She tells me she is using it on everything – even ice cream. She has declared this the best vinegar she has ever tasted.

Note, The Balsamic Vinegar Cookbook by Meesha Halm is a great cookbook that offers tons of recipes. I purchased this for my friend as well and she raves about it. Here’s a link:

BarbraScott, MS

Not real Balsamic Vinegar

Sorry, but Penguin Mints seem to sell a number of authentic-sounding balsamics that are just not the real thing.
RubyeLa Monte, MO

Pretty good balsamic

Pretty good. Price is cheap for a 20yr old balsamic.
Not quite as good as a Modena.
QueenKimball, NE

In my opinion…….

This is one of the best 20-year balsamic vinegars for the price. I’m American-Italian with a fussy palate inherited from my Dad, and this sweet, syrupy balsamic is amazing on salads, fruits, vegetables ….. just about anything you can think of. I don’t use it in cooking or marinating because it seems wasteful to me.
Try it – I think you’ll enjoy it!
Ciao Tutti !!

Update: 07/01/11
Unfortunately, I have not purchased the La Piana for several months now. The flavor and texture has changed dramatically, in my opinion. Also, the labeling is different from my earlier purchases.

TulaPine City, MN

Great value!!

Aged balsamic can have many different styles from strong, bold and acitic to smooth, sweet and long finish. This is a great blend of the 2 styles and wonderful when added to a little vanilla ice cream. Sounds a little strange, but it is true Italian dessert style!
ErnestoSpring Grove, IL

Good value for money

I have purchased this product for the second time now as I feel it the best value for money balsamic vinegar. I use it primarily as salad dressing.
AdanAllred, TN

Nectar of the gods

Superb taste, incomparable quality. Life is too short to go without La Piana Aged Balsamic!
AdriaBonfield, IL

Good aged balsamic, but not excellent

I have brought back better tasting aged balsamics from Italy for about the same price or slightly cheaper. This La Piana is worth trying, and it does taste good, but better can be had for similar prices. Check your local specialty shops, sometimes good deals can be had.

In general, aged balsamic vinegars are a revelation. They really do get better with time! Don’t get hung up on the 10, 12, 15, or 20 year aspect. There’s more flavor variations from batch (or grower) to batch than strictly in length of time aged.

As a buying note: There’s a big price difference between official (consortium approved) balsamic and genuine balsamic vinegar that isn’t sold via the consortium (often labeled as condimento balsamico, salsa balsamica, or salsa di mosto cotto). Amazon will delete the pricing, but for Carandini (an absolutely top vinegar) there’s a factor of nine in price between the approved and non-approved vinegars. I haven’t tasted them side by side (most because the approved stuff is SO expensive) but from memory they were certainly close.

PatrickSearchlight, NV

one of the best vinegars

This vinegar is excelent. I use it on salads with good virgin olive oil,salt and pepper, and my family can’t get enough of this stuff. Even my husband, who does not like vinegar on his salad said that he loves my new dressing. I even put a few drops on pasta.
I highly recommend this product.
DevonGrandview, TX

Good Balsamic vinegar, especially for the price.

Perfect online transaction. Came packaged to survive and air-drop, so it arrived in perfect condition and on time. The vinegar has a much richer and more complex taste than other balsamics, especially at its price.
MyOklahoma City, OK


I have purchased a couple bottles over the last couple weeks .. all I can say is simply awesome! You will not be disappointed
SylvesterGardena, CA