La Victoria Salsa Ranchera Hot 16.0 Oz

La Victoria Salsa Ranchera Hot 16 oz. A Jalapeno chile lovers salsa Salsa Ranchera is an excellent garnish for those who like it HOT. Hot spicy, chunky red sauce with tomatoes, chiles, onions, garlic and cilantro. La Victoria Salsas. LA VICTORIA PRODUCTS Since 1917, La Victoria has been producing au

Quick facts

  • Salsa Ranchera – Hot
  • La Victoria
  • Delicious
  • Gluten Free

Top reviews


It is hot! I love it, tasty and a little sweet. I usually scoff at salsas labeled as hot, but this one lives up to its billing.
IluminadaArthur, IA

Hot and delicious

I consume about a jar every two weeks of this, either adding it to fajitas or using it as a corn chip dip. It is hot, but after awhile the medium Salsa Suprema was too mild for me; I thought maybe I’d cut down how much I ate by going to the hot Salsa Ranchera. It’s hot enough that people who aren’t used to it will say “That’s hot!”.

Flavor: bright and forward. The similarly hot Salsa Victoria is a duller taste to me, I guess earthy. This salsa is much brighter in the mouth. I don’t like to go hotter than this because the sauces I’ve tried lose any resemblance to yummy salsa and just taste hot (this happens to me with Tabasco sauce, for example).

A drawback is La Victoria doesn’t make a larger bottle of Salsa Ranchera nor Salsa Victoria, nor do they sell them in […] or Sam’s Club. To get a good deal you have to watch for sales.

BertaRock Rapids, IA