La Victoria Salsa Suprema, 16 oz.

La Victoria Medium spicy , chunky red sauce with tomatoes, chiles, onions, garlic and cilantro. La Victoria Salsas. LA VICTORIA PRODUCTS Since 1917, La Victoria has been producing authentic Mexican salsas, sauces and chiles. Knowing that nothing but the freshest, highest quality ingredients would do

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Naaaaasty stuff. Yuck.

After a hard day at work today, I was seriously craving some chips and salsa for dinner. So I went to my neighborhood store and all they had on offer was La Victoria and Pace. For some reason I thought the La Victoria might be the lesser of two evils. Boy, was I ever wrong! This salsa tastes like Satan’s ingrown toenail. It is the worst-tasting salsa I have ever put in my mouth. It manages to be both slimy and pasty, with a texture not unlike mucilage. The label doesn’t list any added sugar, it has that deathly-sweet taste that defines “horrible salsa” in my book. There’s only one good thing I can say about this product: one bite, and my intense craving for chips and salsa is completely gone.
AudryBettsville, OH

A winner among salsa

I read the reviews below and can not disagree more. This salsa is potentially the best store bought salsa I have had in a long time (I stress store bought). Most salsa’s fail to please in either the chunkyness or spice department, this salsa qualifies in both respects. When a salsa says hot, I need it to be blazing. If I wanted a mild hot salsa I would purchase mild (or medium). La Victoria is one of the few that bring on the sweat and hiccups if you eat too much. LOVE IT
KyleVerona, OH

hard to open

We get this from the grocery store in a larger container.
It has a safety seal of a white circle.
It is so effective that it is almost impossible to remove.
If only they would put a little tab that we could pull!

Until then we will continue to attack with knife and scissors to get to their yummy salsa.

ChanelleRichfield, NE