La Vie de La Vosgienne Tropicales Hard Candy, 2-Ounce Tins

Naturally flavored with other natural flavour. Made in Spain.

Quick facts

  • La Vie Hard Candies are imported from France and known for their delicious flavors and distinctive tins
  • The authentic fruit-shaped candies are available in classic fruit flavors that convey timeless tradition

Top reviews

Great fun for the taste buds

These tins contain two flavors of small spherical hard candies. Most tins seem to have about twice as many Kiwi (?) candies as they do Pomegranate (?) ones. I wish they came in equal proportions, as my favorite combination is to put one of each into my mouth at the same time – they are wonderful complementary flavors. However, the fun of this tin is the variety – you can try two different single flavors, or the combo from one part of the day to another. A tad expensive, but worth it in these days of ever-fewer hard candy flavor choices.
TonyAdona, AR

What a bargain

I love these candies for when we go to the theatre, but they charge $4 a tin at the theatre! Amazon offers a great deal.
LeonidaMadison, NH