Laci Le Beau Maximum Strength Super Dieter’s Tea Lemon Mint — 12 Tea Bags

Dieting can be difficult, but it can also be satisfying. Especially with the help of Laci Le Beau’s flavorful, all natural Super Dieter’s Teas. These teas have helped a lot of people succeed and they can help you too!Laci Le Beau met with master herbalists to create a meticulously blended formula to address the special needs of dieters. The Super Dieter’s Teas were created from this painstaking research, offering a delicious alternative that has been helping people across the nation reach their weight management goals for years. Thanks to loyal customers, Laci Le Beau is proud to say they are America’s #1 selling diet tea.Now, Laci Le Beau’s Maximum Strength Teas are here to assist those of you who need an extra boost from the regular Super Dieter’s Formula. This new formula contains the maximum amount of diet-aiding ingredients available on the market and will help you continue to achieve your weight management goals.

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  • Dieting can be difficult, but it can also be satisfying
  • Laci Le Beau

Top reviews

On time and as described!!

I was very happy with my order. It arrived on time and as described. Thank you!!
WernerCopperhill, TN

Tastes like sweaty gym socks

I bought this product based off reviews saying it tastes great and I was extremely disappointed. As soon as I started steeping it this smell filled my kitchen (my daughter even asked what the horrible smell was). Sadly, it was this tea. I tried it and it tastes like sweaty socks also. It is so gross. I have tried adding honey, drinking it cold, drinking it hot, etc and they all taste horrible. As far as a diet aid, I don’t think so. I guess if you had a lot of excrement in you, possibly. I even doubled the suggested amount and I still did not anything happen (and no, I was not on the toilet a lot either). All in all, this product was a big thumbs down to me.
DelmaRampart, AK

Got Me Running

This tea product got me running alright, to the crapper. But it did help loose about 10 lbs, mostly compacted fecal matter. I also feel more energized and feeling alot better. Before taking this product my best friend was a couple of cups of black coffee but since taking this for the last month my craving for coffee and sweets has subsided, however i now have to bulk up on toilet paper. Great product great buy!
EmeliaNorthwood, ND

Did Nothing

I have no idea what all these reviews for this brand of dieters tea are talking about. I followed the directions nothing happened. Brewed a stronger cup-still nothing.Even measured out the water to 6oz and let the tea bag seep for five minutes-nothing just stronger tasting tea. On the box it tells you not to drink more than 1 cup in a 24 hour period- I drank three the other day not even thinking about it and nothing happened! Just tasted like cranberry tea and nothing else. Strange.
MartiLocust Grove, AR

I love this tea!

First and foremost make sure you DO NOT let this tea steep too long. If you let it steep for the recommended two minutes, you shouldn’t have to run to the bathroom like your pants are on fire! If you let it steep for the 2 minutes, it’s a decent trip to the bathroom…not explosive diarrhea.

With the way we eat (mostly women) we need to clean out our plumbing every once in a while and this is a fabulous way to do it. It’s not recommended for everyday use!

BellaSouth Glens Falls, NY

This product is Great

This product is great it really works. I have lost a total of 15 pounds in two months wihout exercising. I reconmend this product to everyone.
RoselineLyford, TX

Keeps me on track

I love this product, it helps keep things moving! I use it twice a day afternoon and evening while dieting. A great product for helping maintain your weight.
LuannaKansas, OH

Good Product

I have used this product in the past and was highly satisfied. It works very well. I would just caution first time users not to make the tea too strong or your results may be “too good”.
LuellaBranchdale, PA

pretty good

I like this product, but I wouldn’t use it daily. I learned this the hard way. It is stronger then you think!!!!!
CyrusMathews, LA

Cinnamon Spice

I did not buy this tea through amazon.. But from my grandmothers cabinet(haha). I have been dieting for the past 3 months now, and i was completely oblivious to special teas for cleansing although i know of drinks/pills that cleanse, I wanted to steer clear of any type of pill and again oblivious to benefits of cleansing(even when not dieting). Now I tried this tea two months ago & only because of the words “Super Dieters” I thought ohh special tea so i drank it(in the evening) it did for me do its job and loosen things up which i found odd at first then i read the package, and then I got it. So for me it did help being that I usually dont um go as much as I should and this has helped that. Not only that but since I have been using it along with my eatting habits, and exercise my diet has been showing better results nothing drastic but still better results and that is always great! This tea (Cinnamon Spice) I think tastes devine, I do add not even a teaspoon of sugar but I think this tea doesn’t even need sugar at all(i just like it sweeter). But all in all I do and have recommended this tea to a few family members and friends(who do and dont diet) because i love the taste and the results I’m having with it.
ElizabetGreensboro, VT

good stuff!

This product works very well. It taste great. Its a nice touch to the end of a day. PLEASE USE AS DIRECTED! PLEASE!!!!!
OscarFall River, KS

You really go when taken as directed.

Works great for me and also help me with my weight. I don’t like the drink as much but I drink it as needed.
KimNewington, VA

This was great!!

I love this tea the taste is really good and it smells good as well my husband and I are year around tea drinkers and also we dont even have to add any sugar ( well I use honey on some teas) but this one you don’t need anything extra and I will say it really does work drink plenty of water threw out the day …. And usually in the am you will be cleaning it out lol … I didn’t have any stomach pains or anything but I eat well also!! I recommend this to any and everyone!!
LeisaSaltillo, PA

Basically a laxative…

I never drink this tea alone. I always steep it with another tea, such as Oolong or Jasmine because the taste isn’t the best. I use honey and sugar to sweeten and down the hatch it goes! Expect some, um, gastrointestinal responses the next day. Sometimes I feel a bit of cramping and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it will take most of the next day for it to ‘work’…and sometimes it won’t!!
VeliaFredericksburg, IN

Works for me ! ! !

I have been using this tea for a few years now, and I drink the full 2 cups every night before I go to bed. It begins to take effect the next morning. I gave a bag to a friend to try & she loved it as well, she now orders it online.
IlaOgdensburg, NJ

Tea that works to clear all digestive stoppage.

This tea works on my fiance’s digestive track as she has an issue with colitis and this product along with essential enzymes helps her to absorb and digest foods that otherwise would give her pains while in her digestive track, Thank you for making this product we plan to continue using it as long as we can.
LaverneMorven, GA

Can’t live without it!

I have been using Laci Le Beau Super Dieters Tea for years. There is no subsitute. Many women in my family use it as well. This keeps me moving better than anything else and I suffer from Chronic Constipation. I would recommend this to anyone who could use a gentle, natural laxitive. I’ve never felt like I’ve taking a harsh stimulant, it just makes you feel & go like normal πŸ™‚ I hate poop talk but this is worth sharing! LOL
SashaGoffstown, NH

tastes good, works great

One must know that this dieter’s tea helps mostly by moving your bowels along. Be careful at first, or it will be unpleasant!
SheltonSeaford, VA

Good Product. Extremely effective!

I don’t use this tea for dieting but more so for a natural cleanse to keep the body free of harmful toxins. It is very effective have used it for years! First time users may experiece cramping but, after awhile they cease. Great Effective Product!
HankRocky Comfort, MO

didn’t get what i asked for

the one i got says “cleanse” on the box, I don’t know what it means, but I know that I picked the one that doesn’t say “cleanse” on the box. i’m all the more angry because that one costs way cheaper. and all the more am i angry because i’m not going to bother to go through the refund process. plus it took it ages to arrive
KizzyStump Creek, PA

very good taste

A lot of tea for the price… …no sweetener needed… The product works better than I expected it to. I also didn’t realize how much I was ordering. I am enjoying this product. Has very good taste.
PameliaColumbia, PA

Cinnamon Sensation

This tea has a superb taste. I actually look forward to drinking this tea with my dinner. Now that it is summer I drink is as an iced tea, but this is also a very delicious hot drink too! I use splenda and fresh mint when I brew it. Fabulous!
BenitaPleasant Hope, MO

Stay regular!!!

Reality strikes. I have been drinking this tea every night for 10 years ! It is the best thing to keep me on the straight n narrow!
AlessandraReese, MI

really disappointed

though i did not purchase this through amazon, i did get this recently from thw grocery store, and have to admit im really disappointed. i followed the instructions the first evening EXACTLY as instructed with the included paper, and no results. the second day, i brewed just a little longer, still no luck, (basing this off some other comments from other users here on amazon) then today i only did 6oz, not 12 as the paper instructs, and even brewed this for 6 minutes. still nothing.

i really wanted this to work for me like it has for others, i had heard good things and was so excited, but still no luck. i guess im one of those people this doesnt affect. ill keep trying it daily till i run out, but looks like ill have to try something else.

as for taste, its not bad. just tastes like tea leaves, not deliciously fantastic, but not nose-pinchingly undrinkable. good luck to anyone else. hope you have more success with this than i did

WaltraudPort Jefferson Station, NY

its ok

i got this tea hoping it would be better than my dieters delight china slim tea but it isnt. it does make you use the bathroom but not enough for you to feel cleansed for that particular day…i have no choice but to finish thus package but i will be going back to my regular tea afterwards
SaundraGirdwood, AK

Not the original

This tea is ok but it’s not nearly as potent as the original product that was available 5-10? Years ago.
GabriellaEast Branch, NY