Laguna Coconut Juice Drink with Pulp, 16.9–Ounce


Quick facts

  • High in potassium, free of fat, cholesterol
  • Contains five essential electrolytes–potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous
  • Serve chilled or mixed in a cocktail
  • Made from the water of young coconuts
  • Fat free; cholesterol free; gluten free

Top reviews

It’s only 75% Juice…it has added sugar and sodium metabisulfite

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I was originally very excited to see a coconut drink about more inexpensive than some of the 100% Juice Brands, such as Zico, VitaCoco, Amy&Brian, One, or Naked. My wife loves Coconut Juice, and we had been buying Zico liter’s from Trader Joe’s for $3.75 each. This is the best deal available anywhere that I have found.

Well, as someone who values my dollar, as soon as I saw the pricing on these I rushed to purchase it. There was no picture of the can with the nutrition facts or any mention of it being only 75% juice. Well, that’s what you’ll get if you purchase this. It is an inferior product in terms of juice quality compared with any of the 100% juice brands. They’ve added 13 grams of sugar (I used calculations based off how much sugar a 16.9 FL OZ can would have it was 100% juice), and they’ve also added something called Sodium Metabisulfite and of course they’ve watered it down with water.

They cleverly call this Coconut Drink versus Coconut Juice because this is not Coconut Juice.

All the Best,

PS, The reason why I give this 1 star is because they don’t disclose on the product page that it is 25% water, sugar, and sodium metabisulfite.

BradyLuck, WI