Lalvin Wine Yeast 71B 1122 Yeast, 10 Packs

Contains 10 packs of yeast and a Strange Brew bumper sticker.

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Excellent Yeast

My only Con on this yeast is the instructions. The instructions on the packets either left out or i blindly didnt see(highly possible) the part where you leave the yeast out for 20minutes after adding it to the heated water. I looked up the website and found the yeast and read the directons there and thats where i came up with the (20minutes).

Other then that, amazing yeast. This stuff starts slow and multiplies rapidly. (i was checking the wine quite often, very excited, first time wine making from home grown mustang grapes)
We made all the grape jelly we could eat for the year. So then came the wine:)

BroderickWeesatche, TX