Lance, Cracker Creations, Crunchy Granola with Chocolate Filling, 6oz Box

Crunchy granola cracker filled with creamy filling.

Quick facts

  • 12g of Whole grain
  • Creamy chocolate filling
  • 12 filled crackers-6 twin pack

Top reviews

Delicious, Sweet and Light

These are delicious–taste very light and sweet, almost like a graham cracker sandwich with chocolate in the middle. The chocolate layer is very thin. It’s a great way to get whole wheat in the diet, with one gram of fiber per two crackers. These aren’t available everywhere in the country, though. And they are new–so there’s a good chance they’ll be gone at some point (which often happens to new snacks that I like!). Go ahead and try them–I wasn’t sure but went for it and am now addicted to them!
CoralieBear Creek, AL

Surprisingly tasty

I like Lance products but I wasn’t sure how these would be received. Both kids loved them, they have a good texture and taste. Great change from chewy granola bars or cookies. Lance packs these with a small stiff liner so they generally survive in the lunch box without shattering. Definitely buying again.
MikiCrisfield, MD