Lance Fresh Toast Chee 40 Pack Cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers

Lance Fresh Toast Cheese 40 Pack Cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers

Quick facts

  • One Item of 40 packs
  • 40-packs of delicious and fresh toast cheese crackers filled with delicious peanut butter
  • Healthier alternative to chips
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Terrible terrible terrible

BLEAGH!!!!! And what’s a drag is that this garbage is the only brand my local grocery carries
AnnisThorndike, ME


Love, love, Toastchee crackers. I have been eating them for over 50 years. Having said that, this company is ripping you off. I can buy an 8 pack box containing 8 crackers in a pack for $3.00. Forty packs are equal to 5 boxes. Five boxes at $3.00 is $15.00. They are charging just shy of $40.00.
FrancesTecumseh, MO

No better snack cracker than Lance.

Whether it is Toast Chee or Toasty, there simply isn’t a better sandwich cracker. Quality ingredients for sure (they make their own peanut butter), but always fresh, unlike some of their competitors products which taste stale. Been eating them for 50 years–started when I delivered morning newspapers–breakfast was Lance and a Coke.
LonnyDurant, FL

Great snack at a good price.

Always fresh and very convenient. Well portioned and ready to go. A treat without the temptation to excess that is presented by a box of crackers and a jar of peanut butter.
MaximinaWest Baden Springs, IN