Land Lakes Mini Moos Creamer, Half and Half Cups, 192 Count

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  • Real cream; Easy to serve and store

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75% of my Mini Moo’s are spoiled!!!

First of all the expiration date of the mini-moos was only 3 months away from when I recieved them. I tried to remain hopefull and started to use them. I have found that about 75% of them are spoiled. I am extremely disappointed with this purchase / vendor.
AndraOrlinda, TN

192 creamers that must be used in 3 MONTHS

My creamers are coagulating and I have used only half. I am DISAPPOINTED. USE ANOTHER BRAND. 192 CREAMERS are TOO MUCH for one person to use up in 90 days
KenyaSeltzer, PA

Better to get it at Sams or Costco!

My husband absolutely MUST have this for his coffee or he skips having it altogether, so the 2-star rating is for the final cost, not the product itself (I’d give the product 5 stars)! After doing a cost analysis of having this product delivered to my house or going out and buying it directly from either Sam’s Club or Costco, I would have to agree with the other reviewer that going out and buying it from a warehouse store such as Sam’s Club or Costco is definitely more cost effective than having it delivered. The price for the item may look good, but after factoring in shipping, it becomes too costly.
ChadVermontville, MI

Serves a purpose

We are heading to Italy in Sept and bringing our coffeemaker and these mini moos along! I bought these at Sam’s, for half the price, so FYI. The expiration date is 3 months from now, early Dec. I don’t think these items ever are more than 3 months expiration. That is the nature of the beast. It cannot last months and months up to a year b/c it is real dairy. If you get these with an expiration time frame of 2 or so months to use up, as others have ‘complained’ of, then you are in the ballpark. What I like about this product vs. others that came before it, is that this is the real deal which is so much better than imitation non-dairy creamer substitutes.
TommiePalatine Bridge, NY


I got this product today. The product is bad. As in spoiled. Ruined my morning too. Spoiled half and half makes your coffee taste pretty nasty
DebiTrenton, NC

Mostly spoiled.

About 15-25 of the creamers in this package came spoiled. On top of that, a few had broken during shipping, leaving a mess on the other creamers.

At least I didn’t need to pay for the Good Ending DLC.

ShirelyShafter, CA

Moos I love Yoos

My employer stopped buying mini-moos and began to provide artificial coffee whiteners only.

I bought these mini-moos and will be reimbursed.

And we are a health organization!

ElisabethWalnut Shade, MO

Old Product?

I have ordered this product several times in the past however this time I am disappointed at the quilty of what I recieved. Alot of the containers were either empty or broken and it also seemed to be spoiled it did not deslove in my coffee. The expiration date is 11/11 on the box however the product it self seemed older. Land O’ Lakes Half & Half Mini Moo, 384-Count Single-Serve Packages
EloisaNantucket, MA

Spoiled milk

Just opened my box of 192 Mini-Moos today, the expiration date shows September, however the whole box is trash. Leaking moo cups inside, stuck to the inside of the box. The ones that are not leaking are curdled. Nasty.
KarolineOgallah, KS


I’d had this box of creamers for only about a month when I noticed that the creamers were starting to spoil already, almost two months before the expiration date stamped on the box. I’ve kept the box indoors in a climate-controlled office.
LouisNageezi, NM

Love Them!

These little creamers are a lifesaver … even better that they need no refrigeration … of course I acquired them in the winter, so I can’t speak about how well they hold up in the summer yet … but I’m hopeful 🙂

They’re handy, the sixty-day expiration date is fine, and they are easy to store to boot. Though the trash generated bothers me a little (the little portion-control cups add up over time), but since I have no space for a small refrigerator in my office at this point, the convenience outweighs my conscience (so far!).

My first case will last me over a month, so in the long run, it’s even economical. I have nothing bad to say about this product … really!

BriceYellowtail, MT

Delivery system

My Dad loves these. He’s not that partial to coffee but drinks it, I suspect, as a delivery system for these little Moos. My favorite aspects are that they have a relatively long shelf life and require no refrigeration. Especially appreciate being able to buy through Amazon. That free-shipping thing…<<grins>>
MercedezWillow Wood, OH

Excellent Product, Terrible Shipping

First off, this is one of those cases where I am torn: Do I rate the product itself or my experience ordering this product via Amazon?

The Product:
These mini-moo’s are great! 5 stars! I absolutely loathe “fake” half and half in my coffee. These mini-moo creamers are head over heels better than any of those chemical-laden creamers you get. I previously bought this same product from Sam’s Club and brought it into work. Let me tell you, I was quite the popular guy. The cost of the product is well worth it…no refrigeration needed and much better-tasting coffee.

The Shipping:
Yikes. I saw some of the other reviews about these things coming in all banged up and bruised, but I wasn’t too concerned. I usually have good luck with the condition of things I order through Amazon, so I figured I’d give it a go. Well….nope…not a good idea. Much like the others on here, some of the creamers had exploded, and all the others looked crush and wrinkled like the package was dropped onto a battlefield by a B52 (well, you get the idea). The sell-by date was about 30 days from the date it arrived at my door. I don’t know if it’s this particular seller on here, but if you find these in the store, you’re probably better just buying them there. They are just as cheap (if not cheaper), and they usually have a much longer usable time period.

VerdieHawkeye, IA

Very convenient

These are very convenient. I work in an office with limited refrigerator space, so I take these to work and leave them at my desk. As others have noted, there are way too many to use before they expire (hence the 4 stars), but I haven’t been able to locate smaller sizes locally. My husband and I split a box for work and we are almost able to use them all. These taste MUCH better than the non-dairy creamer.
KellyDeerfield, OH

Half & Half Delight

Once in awhile I do like to put a little half & half into my morning cup a coffee, but it a waste of money for me to buy a carton as I’ll never get around to using it all before it spoils. I like using Land O’Lakees Mini Moo’s Half & Half as it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and I can have it in my cup of coffee anytime that I want.
HaydenStonewall, NC

Great little Moo!

First, for those that complain about the shelf-life…. this is REAL MILK. It is ultra-pasteurized (albeit there is a few preservatives added), which is why it lasts a bit longer and can go without refrigeration. Nonetheless, it is still milk. Would you drink milk after it has been in your fridge for 3 months [I think not]. So why would you expect this cream to last any longer? Don’t buy more than you expect to use in the next month or so, and you won’t have a problem.

That being said, this is a great product. I prefer the taste of real cream in my coffee, and I order these mini-moos for the break-room in our office. What can I say, other than it tastes like real cream (because it is) and serves its intended purpose well. (I’ve seen the mini-moos in many fine restaurants as well, which would say something for the quality).

The manufacturer recommends you store the product between 45-80 F, which is understandable. Storing it higher may cause the cream to curdle. For that reason, I would recommend having this shipped next-day or 2-day at most. Keep in mind the UPS truck can up to 120 degrees on hot days, and if you have it shipped ground, you might receive a box of curdled cream……

KaliLeon, KS

Ultra handy and very good tasting

Don’t laugh, but I discovered this product at a funeral parlor. It was such a good idea I’ve used nothing else since. The little sealed packs are so nice because it cuts down on waste when pints of half and half go sour in the fridge because I didn’t use them fast enough. The flavor is a real improvement over non-dairy creamers. I really recommend these.
MarylouBrooker, FL

Mini Moos

The problem with the Mini Moos is that I never see an expiration date until I receive the product. I’ll purchase it, then when it gets here I see that it expires in about two months. I don’t even use up all the product and it’s past the expiration date.
You should let the buyer know what the expiration date is before we make the purchase so we don’t buy too much, then get stuck with a box that is past the date.
AnnettLittle Rock, MS

Great Product, Poor Shipping

The product is great but these almost always come slightly damaged. Sellers rarely put enough air-pack in them, and usually ship in too large of a box where the creamers can slam around inside. Of the 6 of these I’ve purchased over the past 6 months, 1 has been perfect, 4 have been mostly ok, 1 was somewhat salvagable, and 1 was unusable with creamer everywhere.

The creamers themselves are great and make coffee over here SO MUCH BETTER. I wanted to give the prodcut a 5 star, but I have to consider the failure rate upon shipping because it is an online order afterall. I think 3 stars is fair all things considered.

*caveat: I’m overseas at an APO

BillieBloomingdale, IN

Bulk ordering for staff meetings.

I am impressed with the quality of this product. I’m through the box and I have yet to find a burst creamer (I’m in Colorado so things usually swell and burst during transit to this elevation).

These creamers, as do others, require a nice little shake prior to pouring into coffee to eliminate the dreaded curdled appearance.

I highly recommend this product and will order more!

TarynApulia Station, NY

Solid product

I prefer these to the non-dairy creamers. We have a K cup machine in the office. I keep a private stash of Decaf K cups and a few of these in my desk in case the cafeteria runs out. I don’t trust any other brand of UHT half-and-half. BUT… only today I did some research and found that the International Delight Coffee House Inspirations brand of a similar portion pack of H+H has the same ingredients, and is manufactured by the same parent company as Land O Lakes. The 5 stars are for my “uneventful” experiences with the LOL version of the item bought elsewhere.

However, I would really prefer little portion packs of a powdered real dairy creamer, such as the “Everyday” brand that I saved one packet of from an international flight. Apparently, powdered real dairy creamers are more marketable abroad for some reason.

I bought a carton of about 50 of these at a local Giant supermarket for use if my regular milk ran out and my parents came over and wanted cream/milk for their tea. They are now gone because I started feeding one of these each day to my cat after he begged for more and trained me by manipulating me with his big sweet eyes until he got some.

I spent an inordinate amount of time at BJs looking for them last night. Thanks to another reviewer for informing that BJs does not carry it anymore. Darn Darn Darn, as Herman Munster would say.

DaneToone, TN

Good Stuff

I would loose my job if I did’nt keep this stuff available to the coffee drinkers here. Better stock these all the time.
GabriellaVermontville, NY

shelf life too short once recieved

I got the produced on Oct 23, 2012, and the box stated the expiration date was Jan 5, 2013. So, will only last a little more than 2 months. I cannot use all of the product in 2 months. I will only be able to use about 25-30% in that time, so the actual cost is MUCH higher than I thought. There should be a warning about the short shelf life of the product. If I had known, I would have tried to buy fewer items, or would have gone with a different option. I am very disappointed, and feel that I was deceived. This was the exact problem I was worried about when I made this order, and my worst fears came true.
ShawandaJerusalem, OH


I love the convenience of mini-moos and have purchased them a number of times before, but this vendor shipped an already-expired box of them. The expiration date was clearly marked, and should not have been missed. I would not trust other products from this vendor (Reauen Hunter Enterprises).
IsobelSummerfield, TX

So convenient

Product and delivery – perfect. Nice to never run out of creme for coffee. No fridge needed. Tastes great. I will buy this product again.
ShannaAnsted, WV

refrigeration recommended

These say they don’t require refrigeration, but I beg to differ. Less than a month after purchasing a small box of these, they went bad. They were kept in a very well air conditioned office. I will stick to Coffee Mate from here on out.
CarolinNorth Bennington, VT

Product was Spoiled

This is the second time I ordered the Moos off Amazon; the first time was with a different supplier (I think), though both were fulfilled by Amazon. That first shipment came with a 10 week expiration date, and I had no spoilage issues before that date. This box came with a 5 week expiration, which was disappointing, but because I split them with a co-worker, was not a big issue. However, we both noticed the first and sucessive times we used them that they curdled in the coffee. We shook them, but they still curdled. Maybe this happened during shipping because of the hot weather; the Moos have limited shelf stability, and heat likely does not help. What I will praise is Amazon’s great service; they responded quickly to my email and gave me an immediate credit–that’s why the two stars instead of one
JanettMaynard, MA

Good Price

Needed Mimi Moo’s in a hurry and you delivered! Thank you – our customers appreciate it! We appreciate the low price!
HuiAsbury, MO

Buy locally, always check EXP Date on box!

My review for 192ct is under the 360ct—I messed up, sorry. I agree with others here, ALWAYS check EXP on box and purchase locally (Sam’s, Costco, etc) for big savings, compared to buying online/shipping. Mini Moos are a great quality, convenience item. Anytime you purchase in bulk, you MUST be sure you’ll use before EXP. Typically it takes 3-4 Minis per mug/cup. As another reviewer stated, EXP is always within 3 months… “nature of the beast”. We use these for our Christmas brunch, serving lots of coffee/tea (14-18 people). I put out 2 small glass bowls full of Mini Moos, 1 at each end of our big table, along with an empty matching bowl for disposal (less messy than cream pitchers). We use up the rest of them after that morning then go back to our usual store brand half & half–current cost $1.78/32oz (Aldi’s).
JackelineGrantsburg, IL

Mini Moo’s taste great

I really like this coffee creamer. It does not require refrigeration, so it is good to take on trips. The “Half and Half” flavor is very low in sugar, which is good for those who must control their sugar intake. It is an excellent substitute for those powdered creamers which contain a lot of sugar.
I would really like it if Land O’ Lakes would make some of these Mini Moo’s in their sugar-free French Vanilla flavor which I always use at home.
LauranRidgeway, OH