Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bottles, 4 ct

20400 Features: -Made of 100% BPA-free. -Specifically designed for longer and safer storage of breast milk. -Bottles and containers are freezer- and dishwasher-safe. -Fits manual and double electric breast pumps and most other standard size breast pumps. Category: -Breast Milk Storage. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -1 Pounds.

Quick facts

  • Breastmilk Storage Bottles
  • For convenient storage of breastmilk in the refridgerator or freezer
  • Designed for longer and safer breastmilk storage
  • Express milk directly into bottles by attaching them to any Lansinoh Breast Pump
  • Made with Polypropylene, the safest plastic for breastmilk storage

Top reviews

horrible packaging

i got my package today and the box was broken inside the package. we are dealing with a product that stores our baby’s food and the way it was shipped makes me worried about even using it. will not purchase from them again
GermanRaritan, IL

Very good cute bottles

These are great light, easy to clean bottles. The reason I purchased them to begin with was because I thought they would fit in my Lansinoh double electric pump, which they did not :). If you want bottles that fit into the holders on the Lansinoh pump, you need to buy the Ameda bottles. However, they do work with the Lansinoh pump and you don’t really use the bottle holders on the pump anyway. So overall a great purchase. Great for freezing milk or water in them and they have a great look.
JudiTurpin, OK

Works Great with our Ameda and Medela Pumps!!

We bought these bottles to use with our Medela PIS and Ameda Purley Yours Breast Pumps, yes, we bought both. We chose to use these bottles since the Medela 5 oz bottles cost a bit more, and the Ameda bottles are not BPA free. The Lansinoh bottles work great with both brands! The only thing I don’t like is that the caps are two piece caps and the Medela Bottles have the solid one piece lids. I just use my 80ml Medela bottle lids with these since we are no longer using them anyway, and they work great and there are no pieces to loose. You can put any standard bottle nipple ring on the bottles so you don’t have to change bottles if you don’t want too, and you can just throw some nipples and rings already put togehter in a zip bag and throw them in your diaper bag for later. You can also find the Lansinoh storage bottles here on amazon in the 8 and 12 pks!! Hope this helps.
RicardaHolyrood, KS

Great Bottles- but don’t fit Lansinoh Base

These bottles serve great for their purpose, and they do fit into the pump, but the bottoms of the bottles are too wide to fit into the BASE holder of the pump. Seems odd that they would make them to not fit their own product. But other than that these work just fine as storage bottles.
MilissaNorth Wilkesboro, NC

Not with Medela…

I purchased these bottles for use with My Medela Pump, they are not a good fit and will fall away from the pumping aparatus while in use. They are just a tad bit smaller than the Medela bottles and annoyingly and messily break away from the breast sheild. They do work for storage but not for direct pumping with the Medela line.
LindyDakota City, IA

Not the tapered style bottle that comes with Lansinoh Manual Pump

When I ordered these, I chose this listing because it showed the tapered bottles, like the ones that come with the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump. The ones I received are the straight-sided ones. They still work with my pump, but don’t snap into the stabilizing base to keep the pump from tipping over when set down. Darn. Otherwise, fine, but I like the rubber (or rubber-like) caps that fit into the rings and came with my pump better than the ones that came with these too (they snap in). Better for one-handed bottle assembling.
DaniloGillsville, GA

Lanisoh Storage

Thanks to this package, I do not have to worry about being without a bottle to store my breast milk. It was a great deal.
HeathWyano, PA

good but not as pictured

They work very well but they are not as pictured they do not fit the holding base and they lids are all different everything works well they srew to the pump but not as pictured
MikeLisbon, ME

great for travel

Used to freeze juice for kids on long trips. Great as extra “ice packs” and easy to use and reuse. Also great for breast milk storage or formula but found other function as well.
EmmanuelJoppa, MD

Works well with the Medela Breast Pump.

I was looking for inexpensive bottles that would fit with my Medela breast pump and could be used to feed my infant as well as store breastmilk. These bottles fit the bill. They are cost effective and work very well as feeding and storage bottles, they also fit with the Nuk orthodontic nipples which I use and I can say I am satisfied with them. Great product!
AnibalNoblesville, IN

Great item

These bottles work great. My wife has 2 different Medela pumps and they attach to both perfectly. The lids stay on tight and they are just as easy to clean as a baby bottle.
MeghanGreen Valley Lake, CA

Good Buy

I really like these storage bottles. They seal great, and keep my breastmilk fresh. I just wish they came more then 4 in a box. I would recommed these. Keep in mind they are only 5 oz bottles so they will only last a fews month, since baby will eat more then a 5 oz bottle.
MarlonMill Creek, IN

Mostly for Storage

I started breastfeeding our son right away and realized that if I had several more bottles that would fit the breastpump, I could store it in the fridge right after or feed it too him if I was too sore. However, even though I bought Lansinoh bottles to use with a Lansinoh pump, when I used the bottles to feed him, for some reason the nipples would pop off thus spilling all over and wasting all the milk and making for a happy baby. I tried every nipple and everyone of them seemed like they didn’t quite fit well enough. So now all I use the extra bottles for are pumping (in case the others are dirty and I don’t want to clean them). Useful but probably wouldn’t buy again.
JordonNorthfield, VT


Easy to use Easy to clean and easy to store when not in use. I can bring them with me easily in the diaper bag and you can easily warm up the milk under running water within minutes!!
KarryBruin, PA

Serves the purpose

Compact storage that do what they claim to do. I wish they had a economical 8 pack version.
SuzyLinville, VA