Larry’s Beans Fair Trade Organic Coffee, True Colombia, Whole Bean, 5-Pound Bag

While internationally known for its coffee (largely due to the national federation of Colombian coffee producers’ Juan Valdez campaign), much of the Colombian beans you’ll find out there are simply decent, inoffensive cups—far from exceptional. This is not the case with our Colombian single origin. As a result of the communication and collaboration that can only result from long-term relationships, our farmer partners are able to deliver a coffee in its own class. A soft but shining acidity, delicious flavors of walnuts and brown sugar, and a silky medium body are the product of our light roast, which stays in the roaster just long enough to develop a rich, toasty aroma. The cocoa-like aftertaste stays with you long after the cup is gone.

Quick facts

  • Five pound bag of whole bean coffee.
  • A soft but shining acidity, delicious flavors of walnuts and brown sugar, and a silky medium body.
  • USDA Organic; Fair Trade; Shade Grown for bird safety; Kosher
  • Air vaccuum packaging to ensure freshness.
  • Slow-roasted in our green-o-vated beanplant in Raleigh, NC.

Top reviews

Outstanding cup of coffee!

The only reason this doesn’t get a five star review is that I can still compare it to a few other coffees on the marlet today. But, what the heck, I think I will go and brew myself a pot… It’s realy, REALY good.
GaylaRomance, AR


HA! Guys, if you don’t ALREADY know Larrys Beans are the BEST, you need to give it a try. Our personal preference is the Mountain Sumatra, but all Larrys Beans coffees are excellent, organic, fair trade…and AMAZON make them ALSO affordable! God Bless Amazon!!
AnjaWillard, NY

awesome coffee

This coffee is great. My husband is a total coffee snob and he is very happy with the roast and freshness of this coffee. Quick delivery.
NanciBells, TN

Old Beans

Beans appeared to be old. No Aroma, very dry, no oils, very little flavor. Kudos to Amazon for processing refund..
DanyellWoodland, MS