Laughing Dog Adult Formula

Brave Dog Adult Formula contains the highest quality, easily digestible ingredients, with probiotic enzymes and essential ingredients to strengthen the immune system. This natural food is a complete and balanced meal filled with essential ingredients to promote the immune system, with cranberries to protect the urinary tract and fight yeast infections. Fish meal with chicken meal and herring meal, all ingredients being human grade, and of the highest quality, make this the easiest food to digest. Containing whole brown rice, whole oats and barley, Brave Dog provides vital protein for the healthy development and vitality of your pet.

Quick facts

  • Instead of traditional extruding methods, all our formulas use a unique process called a Vacuum Infusion System or VIS
  • We only use free-run Canadian chicken and wild-caught, sustainable herring, sardines and anchovies that are ethoxiquin free in our products
  • We could talk about Virgin Coconut Oil all day long! It’s one of our favorite superfoods in all our pet food and treat formulas
  • With the addition of whole raspberries, blueberries and cranberries, Laughing Dog added even more punch to our superfood
  • Ingredient quality matters to us at Laughing Dog

Top reviews

An honest review.

I transitioned my dogs into this food. They are both under 15 pounds. They ate it eagerly, like they do with any other new food, but over time, I noticed they both seemed to be getting less and less healthy. It was so gradual that my husband and I both didn’t really notice until about a month into the new food. They continued to eat it and around the 5th week, they both started getting diarrhea here and there. But my maltese continued to get sicker and sicker. She lost so much weight that her back resembled a stegasaurus, all of a sudden. She no longer had energy to run around and play any longer. She would lay on her bed listlessly and watch me instead of frolicking around, like she usually does. It was so sad. We left for a vacation and left my dogs with a friend with this food. At this point, we were suspicious that the food might have something to do with it, but we weren’t positive there was a correlation. But when we got back, I had definite confirmation with my FRIEND’S dog, who ate plenty of their kibble. Her dog (16 year old beagle) was having diarrhea and vomitting while we were away.

I have no proof that it was the food as I threw it all in the trash the moment I came back from vacation. But if it were still in my possession, I would definitely send it away for analysis and let the company know that we would definitely NOT ever take a step towards anything their company makes ever again.

I urge you to stay away from this food, and if you do decide to take a chance with it, proceed with extreme caution, and keep the original bag so you can let the company know the batch number should any problems arise. I wish I had done the same.

My dogs recovered the moment I switched their food.

– Angry ‘mom’ to two.

ClintParker, ID

Pancho Loves it!

I switched to Laughing Dog’s brave dog formula from a high protein no filler food I thought was good about two months ago – my pup LOVES it! He is finally putting on weight (but not too much) – I can no longer see his little ribs. He gobbles the Brave Dog up plus I only have to feed him a VERY small amount so a little really goes a long way.

Also, I found it so interesting that another review said her pets got sick after using this food – Pancho is exactly the opposite. He used to get sick easily (loose stools and throwing up) but since he’s been on this no problems. Also this food uses coconut oil which is so awesome! If I were a dog I would eat it 🙂

TimmyWhittaker, MI

Laughing Dog Is The Best!

I have a Black Lab/Boxer named Molly, she is a highly active dog who runs at least twice a day and swims in the ocean. I have been feeding her Laughing Dog since she was 4 months old, started with the Young Dog, and now is on the Brave Dog. She loves the food, her coat is superior to most dogs. It is by far one of the best foods out there. I am very happy with it, and recommend it to every pet owner.
CherlyAltamonte Springs, FL

Very Happy Dogs

I have been feeding my medium sized dogs this food for a year and a half and highly recommend it. No vet bills and my older dog overcame an immune disorder. And I feed them half of what they used to get. 2 cats also get this food. They love it and again, no vet bills.
KandiPine Forge, PA

Healthy pups!

We have 4 dogs in our family and they are all on Laughing Dog! The food has really been awesome to help with skin alergies and no junk like corn or by-products/mystery meats! I think the fish oils and coconut oil really help their skin and system. Our family is a fan 🙂
KarriBristolville, OH