LAV4483 – Lavazza Gran Crema Espresso Pods

The finest blend of South American and Asian coffees. Rich and intense flavor, full-bodied and balanced. 45 mm/7 grams of espresso per serving. Individually wrapped for freshness. Compatible with all espresso machines designed to accept E.S.E. style pods. Beverage Type: Coffee Flavor: Medium Roast Packing Type: Pod Capacity Weight: 7 g.

Quick facts

  • Beverage_Type – Coffee
  • Flavor – Medium Roast
  • Packing_Type – Pod
  • Capacity_Weight – 7 g

Top reviews

Lavazza Gran Crema Espresso Pods

I had a chance to test these ese pods when I received two of them with my new Handpresso wild. I used one with the Handpresso and one with my Hamilton Beach espresso maker. Both tasted heavenly, smooth with no bitterness. I got more Crema with the Handpresso but the Hamilton Beach made it warmer. Well I can now save some money as I used to use My Francis X8 with Illy capsules. Each Illy capsule costs 75 cents a piece even if you buy 4 cans ( 21 capsule in each ) at a time while the Lavazza pod costs 33-35 cents if you buy 150 pods at a time. You get more Crema with Illy but the taste is similar or a little below the Lavazza. Now my next step is to get some Illy fine ground coffee with a good tamper and use it with my Hamilton Beach, it will cost much less than the capsules. By the way, I am not trying to be cheap. I spent a lot of money on expensive espresso machine above $1000 and got convinced not to waste more money anymore. They may make slightly? better espresso but with repair and maintenance they cost you more than daily visits to Starbucks or other Coffee shops. I believe this is the most economical way to enjoy a decent cup of espresso or cappuccino. If you want to make the ultimate cup of espresso get yourself a manual Quickmill Anita or a Pavoni with expensive grinder and practice different grinds and become an artist. True it needs a lot of work but is better and cheaper than going for the super automatic junk machines they sell nowadays with $1000-3000 each. By the way those expensive one button machines do not make better espresso than the non automatic ones. Please believe me. It comes from experience.
HarlanGreenwood, DE

Loosey goosey.

Easy serve espresso pods, or ESE pods are supposed to be a consistent size, weight and tamp. But as a machine manufacturer I can tell you first hand that the coffee brewers intentionally modify the ESE spec to make their pods more likely to work well in their machine. ( and not so well in a competitor’s) You see, in Italy, the coffee biz is like the cell biz here. Buy a contract for two years of monthly pods and we will throw a machine in for free. They don’t want you using that machine with OPP (other people’s pods). So they take a perfectly good standard and tweak it so it is no longer a standard. In the case of these pods, they are way too loosely packed to work in any of my pod only machines. Water flows so fast it barely changes colors. Oh well, I’ve only got 149 left. Ughhh.
BrookeDickinson Center, NY

Good pod, but fresh ground is better

These are nice, they are slightly more convenient than grinding beans, but fresh ground is definitely better. I see the price went up $7 since I last ordered, so fresh ground is definitely cheaper too!
LelahPlato, MO

Excellent value for price

These seemed to be the most consistent pods. I tried a sampler pack before of many different brands and the Illy and Lavazza pods had the most consistent least bitter taste. Lavazza pods have nice creme. The water flows faster compared to the Illy pods so need to run the expresso machine for a little less time. The Illy pods are probably a little better quality – but at twice the price are not worth the additional investment. I would strongly recommend these. And the shipper was on time and the goods packed well. They do come loose so you will need a container to store them (unlike the illy pods that are boxed)
NikitaChaffee, MO

Smooth taste, best ESE pods we’ve tried

We’ve had a Francis! Francis! X3 Espresso machine for well over a year now, and have gone through about a thousand ESE pods. We’ve tried hundreds of Illy, Espressione Arabica, and Espressione Classic pods, but these Lavazza pods are the best so far. The taste is consistently smooth, without the varying levels of bitterness we tasted in the other pods. We ordered 150 Lavazza pods about a month ago and I’m about to put in our next order. This is definitely the fastest we’ve ever gone through an order of 150 pods.
KalaYoungstown, NY

LaVazza Gran Crema pods are the best!

For wonderful quality and exceptional taste, nothing beats these LaVazza ESE pods! I make lattes with these every morning, the coffee flavor is so smooth, much nicer than the bitter tasting Starbucks ESE pods I used before.
MitsukoPanhandle, TX

Loosely packed ese pod produces inconsistent results

I own an Illy x6 and it came with a sampler of illy ese pods. When those ran out I researched online and ordered these pods. First of all the pod is not tightly packed and has a looseness which makes the fit in the holder improper. As a result sometimes the illy machine keeps on going and overflows the normal quantity which an espresso cup would hold.

Secondly the flavor body and aroma are diffuse and not good for espresso. If you are making a cappuccino you will likely not taste much difference. I do not recommend Lavazza for espresso on an illy machine.

BeckiMagnolia, AR

Tried a variety of pods, and these have been the best

We tried a variety of pods in our Francis Francis X5 and these were by far the best. Been ordering this stuff for years now. The taste is very smooth and not bitter. This stuff spoils us because the espresso at the coffeeshops around here are never as good.

Of course, crema-wise you’ll still do better with whole beans and a high quality grinder. We get a thin crema top with these but that’s about it. As I think everyone understands there’s a tradeoff to be made with pods–and no other pod I’ve tried has ever been any better for me in this respect–I haven’t held that against this product.

Highly recommended.

DickDowningtown, PA

Good little pods!

ESE pods make great espresso in our Krups pump espresso maker. Smoother, more flavorful espresso than the Espressione Classic Espresso Coffee Pods. The Lavazza Gran Crema Pods seem a little smaller than others, so we use the smallest filter holder. Also recommended: PodMerchant Espresso Pod Super Sampler.
ElinMatfield Green, KS

Glad I tried them

I had been buying Starbucks pods for a number of years, but the last order was not as good, so I order these. I am very happy with Lavazzas espresso pods. My espresso has been consistently enjoyable each morning, and the price is much better than Starbucks.
KaseyWard, AL

Great Value!

I used to buy pods from another vendor but they have since gone out of business. I bought these and they are very good. Good creme, great taste and come in a large box.

I will be buying these again as it appears to be the best value and flavor around.

RobertHominy, OK

Lovely creamy espresso in a pod

This was the first time I ordered this brand because I could
not find reasonably priced Starbucks pods. Lavazza got
great reviews; so I ordered a bunch of pods and am glad
I did! Very tasty, non acidic, great espresso! Arrived well
packaged and in a timely manner. I will order them again.
RoslynNew Market, IN

easiest way to make great coffee from a pod

I have been using Lavazza for the past 20 years since discovering it in Italy. I am glad to see it become more available in the past few years. For the true barista go for the ground lavazza bar but for the easy no fuss no mess espresso or capuccino/latte the Lavazza pod is consitently the best that I have tried. I use both products and have been very satisfied. Works great in my krups with the pod filter basket. I highly reccommend it.
ArmandoLowber, PA

No value

Lavazza coffee is great – no problem with that, but these pods are an absolute waste of $. I thought the pods would offer some convenience when in a rush to make espresso in the morning when heading out to work. Wrong move. They work poorly – I tried them in three different high quality machines, all with the same results. Poor, uneven flow with not enough substance to give a smooth shot with good creme. Frustrated, I decided to just open up the pods and put the good stuff in a can for proper use… that’s when I discovered just how big a rip-off these are. Buying Lavazza in the can is about $7.00 for an 8.8 oz. can on average – I bought 150 pods for about $55 and when I emptied out about half of these into a can I got just that – 1 can. $27.50 per can. Hmmm… that means I just paid $20+ for their packaging. Stupid me. Convenience be damned, I’ll just buy canned coffee and work for my cup in the morning.
GiseleChesterhill, OH


These pods work great in my Krups machine which has ESE capability. I don’t notice enough difference between these and the Illy pods I was using to warrant the much higher Illy price. I will buy again.
GayleAsbury Park, NJ

Good product pour in flavor

Compare with others strong Italian pods, it is softer then the ones from Naples. If you like just for the foam that comes on top of the coffe, then it a great product.
ChesterBradshaw, WV

Latte snob

This coffee is great and works well with my Gaggia espresso machine. The pods are packed very well for good coffee flow. I strongly recommend this product.
ArmidaFelts Mills, NY

Lavazza Espresso pods

The Lavazza espresso pod is so easy to use, clean up is a breeze. This delicious espresso is one of the very best espresso’s on the market. My husband is Italian and he loves this espresso.
TempleColcord, OK

Best pods we’ve tried

We tried samplers from many brands and we finally settled on the Lavazza Gran Crema.

The taste is smooth, not too bitter, perfect for our morning latte! We have a Rancilio espresso machine, and the results have been consistent. The pod produce a nice crema and the same taste everytime.

The pods come loose in a big cardboard box, so it’s not as fancy as some of the other brands (e.g. the nicely packaged Illy or Starbucks), but they are much cheaper, so it’s worth it for me.

VerlaRouzerville, PA

really good price and really good coffee.

I purchased 150 pods for approximately $52 which is a really fair price. I will order again for sure. The coffee is rich and makes a good crema. I had only seen Lavazza but hadn’t, to my knowledge, had it. I was not disappointed. If you’re looking to try a new pods without making a huge investment, try these.
FrancenePutnam Hall, FL

Near Best but so many are So Good

There is good and bad aspects. Most conspicuous is that too much water comes through in twenty seconds. Double fills more than half a regular coffee cup with 22 sec. brews. Too watery?

Rules are relative in my world. I could brew shorter times for 2oz doubles but I don’t. This tastes so good even with the extra water. Tiny bit of sugar and none I like better.

Always trying lots of different expressos although I avoid any @ $10/lb and above. Costco had a Sulawesi Estate 2.5lb for $12 (close?) close second to Lavazza. Beans not pods so less convenient. Went through 7.5lbs Selawesi then gone. Waiting for return?

Been brewing espresso for twenty plus years and pretty fast at it so grinding with my Rocky is easy. So, its a little watery so what? It tastes good, really good. Been around a long time and huge following. Guess their bean mix is big secret. It is soft, smooth, mild, low acid, IMHO Lucaffe Classic 150 pods also good. Stronger more acid and heck the red package is pretty.

Lots of local and National brands and flavors. Some seem to get into the “get what you pay for” or “if it cost more it is better” hoping it appeals to baser instincts. If you can pay $10lb and do it again and again with no thought to cost let’s drink yours, LOL

Flavor for cost and convenience puts this POD Lavazza Gran Crema high on my list of favorites. Since you can brew PODS why not try that variety pack and see what you like? Almost all of them are excellent and some are acceptable none were bad that I can remember. Several from that sampler can be bought like this Lavazza offer.

I have consumed two or three of these 150 Lavazza boxes. Mixing with beans and other pods each 150 box lasted about a year. When I am tired, it’s late, and I think of it, I reach for a couple Lavazza PODS for quick and easy espresso.

Price on this varies. First paid about $41 and now $51. Sorry just noticed price went up in last week to $55. Seen it for $60+ for 150 PODS. They are sealed so no hurry to consume. Only fresh beans make crema like pods. One week and flavor begins to taper with slightly finer grinds required to maintain 22sec brews with most coffee beans.

Never tried to figure the cost per pound equivalent with PODS. Maybe I don’t want to know, LOL

BenitoMarion, VA

A fine bargain – however, ESE pod is good but not great

I bought these pods to use when traveling with my Handpresso machine.

At most stores, 18 ESE pods cost $15 (83ยข each). I jumped at the chance to buy these Lavazza pods for 30ยข each. However, not all pods are created equal. I’ve always enjoyed Lavazza brand coffee, so I knew the taste would be good. But these pods are not packed as tightly as others – the grounds in Ily Café pods, for example, are packed much more tightly which allows more resistance to maintain the steam pressure required to make a great cup of espresso.

With the Handpresso, and I found that if I overfill the water basket so that the pod is infused with a little water before I close up the nozzle – the grounds expand and offer a little more resistance when making the shot. Compared to they Ily pods, the Lavazza wasn’t quite as good, but the espresso they deliver is still pretty tasty. Considering the price, this is still a very good deal. But if you’re snooty about your coffee, you may prefer other brands of pods.

Many vendors offer big sampler packs so you can try many different brands of ESE pods – if you’ve never used pods before – and you’re particular about your java, I recommend trying a sampler pack before you commit to a large quantity like this.

DakotaMcloud, OK

Ordering my third box of 150…awesome!

I’m ordering my 3rd box of 150 Lavazza Gran Cremo Espresso Pods! I have a DeLonghi espresso machine at home – my Christmas present last year. It’s so convenient to pop in one of these LaVazza pods – the flavor is consistently smooth, not varied as with using ground espresso and definitely not bitter. I’m so spoiled too, such an easy cleanup. I make a latte every day, my husband sometimes two. These are awesome!
GeorgettaNorway, SC

Too weak!

This “Espresso” coffee is too weak. Tastes like regular American coffee. This is not the taste you are looking for when you buy espresso. I use it with my Delonghi espresso machine, foam is good but taste is bad.
I will try another brand in the future.
MaggieManilla, IA

Lavazza Espresso Pods

The quality is excellent. It worked well in my machine. My problem is with the taste. It is very light and sweet. My lattes tasted like sweetened milk. If you don’t like much coffee taste, these are the way to go. I returned mine.
VernellFancher, NY


Some of these espresso pods were fresh and some were stale.

Fresh pods smelled like Folgers. Stale pods smelled like stale Folgers. They make okay espresso.

I will give Illy and other brands a try.

ToccaraGalesville, WI


Love these Lavazza pods. Good crema , mellow chocolate taste. Brand new Gaggia classic being used for espresso. I have found that tamping the pod and slightly wetting makes a great pull with wonderful results. Repeated attempts with grinding my own beans have not come close to ease, simplicity and taste of these ESE pods.
MirnaCason, TX

Not fresh tasting. Bitter.

I expected better from Lavazza having been introduced to it in Rome last year. In perspective, I usually grind my espresso beans (Brazil Sweet Blue is my favorite) immediately before brewing and I always buy beans that have been roasted no more than 1 week ago. This obviously skew my taste toward fresh product and these pods are definitely not that. Convenient, though.
SongGuayama, PR

Great espresso from a pod? Yes!

I have had plenty of espresso in coffeeshops that was inferior to Lavazza pods. Good, strong, flavorful blend — in a convenient and reliable package. That said, it’s not the same as just-ground, perfectly tamped coffee run through a $10,000 machine — but it’s a great daily cup.
IlseLoretto, MI

Good crema, good price, and consistent espresso

I like these and both of the Espressione (classic & 100% arabica) E.S.E. pods. Have had some bad luck with other pods (Baronet in particular). These are very consistent in the espresso that they make and have excellent crema. And they’re the least expensive that I could find on amazon or locally, so I’d recommend them pretty well. Grinding my own coffee (and having roasted it as well), I sometimes make a better espresso than the pods. But not everytime if I don’t get the grounds tamped just right. 150 pods should last you a week. At least!
BlaineHensley, AR