Lavazza Caffe Espresso – Medium Ground Coffee, 8-Ounce Cans

A 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America. Full-bodied flavor with thick crema. A blend of the highest quality beans which have been carefully selected and evenly roasted to produce a coffee smooth in flavor, with a tempting aroma.

Quick facts

  • Italy’s Favorite Coffee
  • Lavazza Ground Coffee
  • Highly aromatic notes, fragrant flavor, and a rich body
  • 8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 4)
  • Ideal for espresso, but also suitable for use in all types of coffee makers.

Top reviews

Not good

I bought this as a gift subscription for my daughter and her husband who like a strong flavorful coffee.
This is what she said “Hi Dad, I am sorry to say this but the new coffee is awful. It tastes like watery boiled green beans. Can we send it back?”
So, be warned, just because it says it’s “Italian” doesn’t mean it will be flavorful. I’ll have to get it replaced now. Disappointed.
MohamedSomers, IA


I rated this one star to get your attention. It is actually an excellent coffee if you use a drip coffee maker because it needs high temperature to bring out the flavor. It is horrid when prepared at lower temperature as in a pump espresso machine.
ValCullen, VA

Great coffee doesn’t come from the mega brands

Unfortunately if you are seeking for really great coffee you’re not going to reach the pinnacle with any of the global mega brands. You need to think of coffee as a fruit, which it is, and therefore it needs to be fresh. Local for a roaster that stamps the ‘Roast date’ on the bag for a start (not the ‘Best before’ date which is often a year after the roast date). Londinium Espresso roast in London to your specifications, and ship worldwide at cost. […]
VikiCorydon, KY

worst coffee I ever bought

worst coffee I ever bought.It was so bad tasting I ended up throwing 3 cans in the garbage.Do not waste money buying this coffee.
LaraGrant, FL

Just not real espresso

I was hopeful, but left unsatisfied. The color of the bean grounds says it all; a light brown not the typical dark brown to black of real espresso. Taste is weak and odd, not rich and solid. Certainly not worth the extra $$. Recommend Cafe Bustelo instead.
AndrewNelsonia, VA

It’s a poor substitute for fresh ground

I really wanted to like this coffee. I wanted something that I could take to the office and use with my AeroPress coffee maker or use when I wanted a quick shot of espresso without grinding the beans. However, I guess once you start drinking fresh ground you cannot go back to buying ground coffee. The date on the bottom of the can is over a year away, but the coffee still smelled stale to me when I pealed the metal top off the can. I tried it a couple times in my Saeco made espresso machine. The crema was weak and the flavor was thin and slightly bitter. I poured it down the drain rather than finish it. I prefer Illy’s dark roast espresso, but my local grocer no longer carries it, probably because it did cost more than any other brand.

I guess I should have heeded another reviewer. My favorite coffee is Peet’s and I think French Roast is the peak of perfection. I like the beans dark and shiny. This coffee was a medium brown color, not the dark brown that I’m used to. There’s a reason why espresso shops freshly grind the coffee, it really makes a difference and is worth the extra time, expense and effort. The Baratza Maestro Plus is an excellent cone burr grinder (…). It will give you years of service. I’ve tried cheaper ones and they just eventually die.

JolynSonora, KY

Very disappointing

I consider myself a coffee conoisseur but not a coffee snob. While I like freshly roasted, whole beans, I welcomed the chance to buy pre-ground espresso from Italy…in cans. I had high hopes based upon reviews here and looked forward to receiving my first shipment.

Kudos to Amazon for a great price and quick shipping. However! That does not make up for the very poor quality coffee inside!

What a major disappointment. The coffee is pale brown, not a deep rich color. It is a little coarsely ground for an espresso machine. The back of the can states this is espresso coffee, but yet describes itself as a “medium roast” with “medium body.” Where is the strong, dark, flavorful, aromatic, rich blend needed for a true espresso?

I think I’ll pass this right on over to my husband for use in his drip coffee maker.

DaniaHellertown, PA

Disappointed/Misrepresented – Not Dark Roast Espresso. A medium roast with espresso grind.

Not an espresso roast, it is a medium roast with espresso grind. Not represented properly in the Amazon product description. Back of can says medium roast.
MortonLady Lake, FL

What a Waste!

I have not tried this coffee for expresso, but for regular coffee taste… be it in a french press or drip…. this stuff is simply ZERO. Now of course that is only MY taste and MY opinion, but it is an honest one.
DuaneMelvin, IA

Good Brand, Poor Blend

So last christmas I was given a stovetop (moka) pot for making coffee (I will refrain from using the term espresso because some people will tell you that you have to use a certain pressure to make true espresso). Anyway, the gift came with this 4 pack of coffee cans. I truly wanted to love this coffee but it has been very hard to do so. By using a moka pot you can control almost every aspect of the brewing process. I have tried literally a hundred tweaks and changes in brewing technique but none of them can mask the terrible taste this coffee will leave in your mouth. I can only describe it experience as unpleasant as drinking coffee after using mouthwash except thats the experience after every sip. It isn’t a mint taste its more like a bitter licorice that is extracted in the essence (the first stuff to come out tof the spout and yes I even tried separating the first part from the rest of the cup and the horrid taste is in the first part). I tried opening other cans but the experience was the same. I would give this stuff 0 stars except the company produces a very nice grind that minimizes any sediment (mud) in my cup, so for that I give it 1 star.

I really wanted to like the brand so I went to my local supermarket and picked up the Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee, Italian Espresso, 8.8-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4) and all I can say is wow. Such a superior coffee AND FOR LESS MONEY FOR MORE (0.8 oz) COFEE!!!! Please don’t waste your time with this can of junk.

AminaRoscommon, MI

Great for coffee, less so for espresso.

I normally buy my beans from a local roaster, but after seeing this on a gold box deal I decided to try it. Since its in cans, I figured it could make a good substitute when I run out of fresh beans.

The can says it can be used as “coffee” or “espresso” with some guidance on how to use it for each of those. I’ve tried both.

Made in a regular coffee machine, you use half of what you normally would. Its already ground (and superfine), so its easy to use. The coffee is rich and never bitter. Very pleasant. I like it.

However, as espresso, its not so good. I’ve tried it from 2 different cans and the espresso has an off flavor. Granted, I usually use beans that were roasted “recently” (often, they were roasted the day I bought them, and used about 2 weeks later) and then I grind them immediately before making espresso. So it could be that I’m used to better beans, but, this is so-called premium so I don’t think my high expectations were foolish. The lavazza espresso had very little crema and a licorice aftertaste that was not advertised and not welcome.

I’ve since read other reviews of other lavazza roasts and this licorice taste is obviously common with them. I’m not a big fan of licorice.

Anyway at around $10/lb “normal price”, the price is higher than my local roaster charges per pound. I would not buy this product unless its on sale.

NetaYucca Valley, CA

This is COFFEE

If you are ordering this to make espresso, don’t because it’s coffee grounds for a drip machine. The Lavazza Crema e gusto is what you should order if you are wanting espresso, it’s the best on the market. This one will leave you so upset…
EstelaBurkittsville, MD

threw it all away

Love to make espresso, and have had many types, but this was horrid. amazon doesn’t return grocery items, so i threw all 4 cans away after the first try. I will have to try grocery products at the store and THEN buy them in the future on amazon…yikes this stuff is bad.
JohnsieSwea City, IA

Don’t bother

I was seriously disappointed with this product! Espresso should be dark and rich. This tasted more like an instant coffee. I will stick with cafe la llave. Gave the coffee away to the local food shelter; sorry!
TheoProspect Park, PA

Are you kidding me?

I’m reading the other reviews and I’m quite shocked!!!
This is absolutely one of the best commercial coffee blends you can find out there. not too bitter not to sweet, excellent crema, delightful!
I have a Gaggia espresso machine, I drink it every morning and occasionally make cappuccino to my guests, they all L-O-V-E it.
Warmly recommended, light years better than the sour-greasy-burnt American coffee (Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Peet’s etc…)
LawrenceWarwick, ND

With Lavazza it’s all about the blend

Lavazza coffee is wonderful but the different blends are, well, different. I really like the Caffe Espresso because of the heavier slightly bitter/strong but also slightly chocolaty-sweet taste and the aroma. I use a Mocha/stovetop espresso pot so that makes a different kind of brew too.

Caffe espresso is 100% Arabica beans as is Oro. I find the latter a bit rougher/stronger. Then, the wise folks at Lavazza start blending in Robusto beans and for those of you that like super smooth, less bitter you need to try these… Crema e Gusto is at the farthest end of the spectrum – 70% Robusto 30% Arabica and dark roasted (usually they make a medium roast I think), super creamy, nice as Americano or a straight, milder espresso, me I don’t think it stands up as a cappuccino. Next in line is Crema e Aroma – 60% Robusto. I haven’t had this in years. Middle ground? That’s Rossa with its 30% Robusto and 70 Arabica…this might be my favorite as espresso.

There’s a few other blends but they are newer and I haven’t tried them…

Amazon should offer a taster pack!

Happy espresso drinking!

AnjaForsyth, GA

Delicious coffee!

If you’re not a fan of french roast, this mellow medium roasted coffee is delicious. Just a bit of astringency and a deep rich coffee flavor. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use this in a drip machine. Just use two filters to slow down the brew process.
IoneCalifon, NJ

Good Espresso

I been using pods from Starbucks and could never get a really good crema and decided to give this a try. I must say, it is very good, not too bitter. The crema is excellent on the Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker. Once the can is opened, we put it in the freezer to keep it fresh. We use the Starbucks pods on the weekday for convenience and Lavazza on the weekend.
PattyCarnegie, PA

Lavazza Caffe Espresso Black Short Version -(add to cart now!) Long Version -(read my review)

A little background on me first:

I’ve been drinking coffee for about 10 years (started early).
I’m a college student on a budget, but when I’m going out with friends I’ll have Starbucks and Caribou Coffee (more on that later).

My current coffee setup is:
Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine ECMP 50
Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC-1200

About a year ago after reading Laird Hamilton’s book “Force of Nature” I was inspired to switch from drip coffee to espresso, along with eating healthier. He says he sometimes drinks up to 8 shots per day. So I bought an inexpensive espresso machine (listed above), and started drinking espresso in the morning.
I noticed a difference in my body (along with eating healthier my entire system just seemed to be running better). However with the espresso something still wasn’t right. I’ve always heard how espresso or even coffee should be smooth and rich, but coffee/espresso I’ve always made or had at Starbucks did have a kind of “burnt” taste to it.
BTW-VERY IMPORTANT–The coffee/espresso I was using was currently using was: Folgers Black Silk, Starbucks Brand, and Target brand.
Now on to the review…
Ok I was a little hesitant about buying Lavazza at first. I read some reviews online(not just on Amazon)and they were pretty favorable. So I bought a can the other day at my local Whole Foods –(Lavazza Black Label $7.99).
I noticed right away that this was better espresso when it was dripping out of the machine, because it looked like black syrup (yum). Then I tasted it…OMG WOW! I never knew that coffee/espresso could be so flippin’ smooth & rich. I mean wow! It’s crazy to think that for like the last ten years I’ve been drinking “burnt” crap. & That 5Buck Burnt Crap is expensive! The only problem is I don’t know if I can ever go back to any other coffee/espresso. Buy Now!!
If anyone has any other espresso suggestions please post!
also check out my youtube channel: cpthemonstergamer (it’s game videos and video game stuff)

GeorgeannMax Meadows, VA

Usually like this coffee…Not the last 2 orders

I usually love this coffee, but the last 2 cases I have ordered have both had a very uneven grind. Lots of grinder dust that chokes my portafilter. Some of it is also very coarse, so it has been impossible to use for espresso of late. It does work OK as drip coffee, but it comes out with a lot of fine sediment in the finished coffee. I am hoping that is was simply a quality control problem, but I am going to wait a while before buying any more.
CarolPalmyra, IN


CinthiaHarrisburg, AR

smooth, smooth, bold

I am a one cup of decaf a day girl. Coffee makes me jittery, but I love the aroma and the taste, so I am forever searching out the best cup of rich, smooth, and bold decaf.
On a recent trip to Los Angeles, a couple of girlfriends and I took a road trip out to Death Valley to a music festival. A friend of mine plays in the Evangenitals.
Not much of the trip was what I would call relaxing or easy. 105 degrees during the day and drunk youngsters up all night in our campgrounds.
By the morning we decided that we would try out the little cafe before making our 4 hour trip back to L.A.
That is where I discovered Lavazza.Not decaf Lavazza, just regular Lavazza espresso. It was the most beautiful flavor…so rich and so incredibly smooth. I knew better than to have more than one cup as I figured I would be sweating and climbing the walls of the truck on the way home.
I think that I ended up having 3 refills, so that would make it a 4 cup morning. To my suprise, I felt great,no jitters and a lovely ride home to the City of Angels.
I now get auto ship from Amazon so I am sure to never run out!
LueRiverton, NE

Strange Taste

I really hoped I would like this espresso, the main reason being that I just can’t take the financial assault that Illy Medium Roast puts on my monthly budget. With that being said, I found this to have a cardboard-like, slightly bitter taste. I was hoping to reproduce the rich, nutty taste that I get from a pull of Illy. Perhaps there is another Lavazza product which will fare better. I use a Saeco Classico, so if anyone has some advice, I am open to it.

EDIT: For anyone in a similar situation, I found Lavazza Qualita Rossa to be much more comparable to Illy Medium Roast. Still not quite as good, but I’ll take 4 bricks/$22 dollars over $13/can any day.

JadeStollings, WV

I love this stuff

I brought some of this home with me form Europe last summer and I love it. When I saw it for sale on amazon I had to order a few cases.
CarieDellrose, TN

yummy and basic

I was first introduced to this espresso in Italy, so there’s a basic endorsement. It’s got a good aroma and nice taste, but I recommend using it to make drinks (makes killer lattes) and not using it for straight shots or americanos. Yummy and recommended.
LacyGibsonburg, OH


I’ve been buying Illy Medium Roast espresso and decided to try something new. Lavazza is the winner! I have been ordering it from Amazon for months now. The 4-pack is a great deal. Nice flavor, not too bold or bitter, even a little sweet? Perhaps I am not equipped to describe it as a coffee connoisseur, but I do know it makes my mornings a little better!
MyriamButler, KY


I’ve been drinking Lavazza for 10 years. My favorite coffee is Illy, but at about half the price, this is great value. Lavazza is always smooth so make it strong and enjoy.
JalisaHankins, NY

Excellent, as always!

If you are used to Peet’s Coffee & Starbucks…don’t bother with this coffee. By now you are going to be used to overly-roasted (burnt is not synonym of flavorful) coffee and anything mildly roasted is going to seem flavorless to you.

If you, on the other hand, haven’t compromised your taste buds with horrible coffees like Peet’s & Starbucks- feel welcomed to enjoy this jewel of a coffee.

It’s chocolate-y, not fruity like Kona or Blue Mountain, without a hint of bitterness (even if you brew it ristretto-style), it produces a rich, caramel-colored crema, and it’s actually lower in caffeine than it’s burnt-roast counterparts. That’s the beauty of the medium roast.

I learned about this coffee while living in Sicily and got hooked ever since. It’s the best of Lavazza’s line of coffee (Blue has a deeper taste, Rossa is even milder) and it’s my favorite.

RusselTalisheek, LA

New and Improved?

I’ve been using this in my Gaggia espresso maker for the last couple years and it has always been good, but not quite as good as Illy. The last batch of four cans I got, however, seems to have a slightly finer grind than previous batches. In my machine it now produces an incredible crema layer on top of a truly first rate shot. I no longer lust after Illy; Lavazza is my espresso of choice.
NanceyAllenwood, PA

Wonderful value for espresso

I bought this to try in our Saeco espresso machine, and for occasional use in the Keurig My-Cup drip coffee machine. It was a great deal at the time (still is, really). For drip coffee, it comes out full bodied, but maybe a little watery-more like a traditional Americano style espresso, with light crema. In the Saeco (which we have an “entry level” Saeco), it creates a wonderful medium-full bodied espresso, thick crema, and wonderful for mixing into any cappuccino or latte of your choice. It tastes like it came out of a much more expensive machine. We usually use Illy, which we’re pleased with; but I’ll certainly choose Lavazza in future, especially for the price.
SheldonCape May Court House, NJ