Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast – Ground Coffee, 8-Ounce Bags

Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast Ground Coffee combines Brazilian and Indian coffee beans to produce a dark roast coffee with elegant flavor. The combination of rich cocoa flavor from the Brazilian beans with the spiced Indian coffee flavor makes for a cup of coffee that is both intense and aromatic. Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast Coffee is sweet and delicious with a rich caramel aftertaste.

Quick facts

  • Italy’s Favorite Coffee
  • Lavazza Ground Coffee
  • The dark roasting enhances the strength and body of these origins producing an intense aftertaste with a hint of caramel
  • 8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 5)
  • Recommended for drip coffee makers, French presses, percolators and vacuum brewers

Top reviews


I was so excited by the possibilities of ordering Lavazza via Amazon. Unfortunately the coffee doesn’t measure up to what I’m used to in a Lavazza shop. Granted, this was typically espresso based drinks but this coffee is not accpetable to me even as every day coffee. I’m back to my local fresh roasted beans…most of my six bags will go into storage as emergency coffee for when I run out unexpectedly.
OscarGackle, ND

Good coffee

A very nice cup of coffee. I often get compliments from company, just good coffee. 1 Tablespoon for each 2 cups in a regular drip coffeemaker. Nice packaging, easy to store, and did I mention, it is just good coffee (comfort food for me).
CrissyWestbrook, ME

Great tasting coffee for those with discriminating taste.

Lavazza is excellent coffee that provide a chocolaty strong flavored coffee with the bitter burnt taste you get from other brands.
MichaelCarrollton, IL

Love the Lavazza

This coffee is the best, and we have it sent to us monthly…absolutely no hassles!! ships it right on time every month! We love it.
FreddyBethel, AK

Full Bodied Coffee!

If you enjoy a very fiull bodied coffee without the “burntness” of espresso, try this. Shared it with my sister the coffee/ Bustelo fan and she really fell for the non- bitter, strong brew from my drip pot. Makes great ice coffee too. This coffee was a great break from the Starbucks and 8 o’Clock I had been drinking. Price is $2/ per package cheaper than my local market on Amazon
ChayaWest Newbury, MA

Best coffee I’ve ever tasted – really.

I know everyone’s tastes are different but honestly this coffee has the best flavor – for me – ever. After having one shipment and trying a few other brands I went back to this Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast. I signed up for the automatic shipment with the 15% discount. So as a Prime member I get two and a half pounds of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, shipped free, for fifteen dollars a month. Seriously.
VitaTenmile, OR

Good coffee

We had this brand over in Italy. When we got back, we ordered this coffee from Amazon. We got hooked on the Oro espresso ground, but this kind makes a great cup of coffee and is less expensive.
TresaWhitney, TX

Very Tasty

The coffee is extremely tasty, and the smaller size of the packages keeps it very fresh and is better than the huge coffee tubs…
AleishaRed Valley, AZ

Great for vacation when all you have is a drip coffee maker

I am addicted to espresso and strong full bodied coffee. When we went on vacation recently I needed something that would work without an espresso maker, because all the house had was a drip machine. Believe me, I was contemplating to pack my machine, anyway I gave this a try and it worked out well. It had a bold flavor and satisfied my coffee in the morning cravings, obviously there wasn’t crema to speak of. I would definitely buy it again for this purpose.
NicoleMorrison, IA

I like it

I first tried this coffee in a hotel, then i started loving it. I know a certain kind of food, like music, cannot make everyone happy. IMHO it is the best with a dripper.
DivinaWalnut Grove, AL

My new favorite coffee

I don’t think I can go back to drinking anything else now. Well worth ordering with the subscribe and save purchase. My husband and I both agree on this one. Smooth, rich, not bitter, my new favorite.
HerlindaNevis, MN

A little disappointed

I’m a Lavazza lover. The Gran Filtro (Blue Stripe) has been a favorite of mine for years. I asked my son to pick me up a bag of ‘Gran Filtro’ at a shop near his apartment, and he returned with the Dark Roast beans (Brown Stripe). I instantly loved the dark roast and when I found the coffee at Amazon, I ordered it as ground coffee. It just doesn’t taste the same to me. Maybe it’s the way I grind it, maybe it’s just fresher when the beans are ground just before brewing. Whatever the reason, and I’m working on it, I prefer the beans to the ground coffee. It’s not like it’s bad coffee, it’s just not as good as I’d hoped.
TracieLoretto, KY

best coffee ever!!

This coffee is the best I have ever had and I KNOW good coffee! The club gives you a discount and it is exactly the number I need to
drink four and share one!!
LeonorOrem, UT

Smooth and Rich

Had hopes it would be a bit stronger, but I would still order again. Grounds are good for wire basket.
LashellKuttawa, KY

Lavazza Coffee – Yum

My wife experienced Lavazza coffee for the first time while in the Grand Caymen Islands. She loved the flavor so much that we looked for it on Amazon when we got home. She no longer drinks anything else in the morning.
ArnitaChester, VT

Great coffee

Really nice, strong but full of flavour coffee. We live in the USA and miss our French coffee. This one is excellent.
KallieBarboursville, WV

Best Coffee Ever

After discovering this coffee I do not think I would brew anything else at home ever again. Lavazza is excellent, and I should try more of their varieties. So far out of the gold and gran filtro dark, this one is the best.
This coffee has a very subtle and smooth flavor, hints of chocolate and it is slightly sweet. It is easy to drink without milk and should not be mixed with sugar. Use a coffee press to make it and you can taste how delicate it is. And, although its imported from Italy, buying it online is cheaper than buying most coffees in the store.
There’s no reason not to buy this online if you like coffee, except if you have a problem with pre-ground coffee. But, keep it in an airtight bag and it doesn’t spoil too fast.
AndreaSalida, CO