Lavazza InBlu Ground Espresso, 8.8-Ounce Can

A 100% Arabica blend, Lavazza in Blu is comprised of beans from Brazil and other portions of South America that create a velvet and full-bodied blend. This mild flavored coffee has a slightly sharp flavor that is enhanced by its superb aroma.

Quick facts

  • 100% Arabica blend ground espresso
  • Smooth and mild, with a slightly sharp flavor
  • Best suited to electric espresso machines
  • Medium roast
  • Packaged in 8.8-ounce cans

Top reviews

Shipping Charge

I’ve tasted this coffee at a friend’s house and it is fabulous. The $7.95 shipping fee that New Lines Sales charges for an $8.00 can of Lavazza in Blu is outrageous and ridiculous!
FletcherHowells, NE

Makes great espresso for a great price

I am an espresso fanatic and I make espresso at home 3-4 times a week. I have used both Illy Espresso as well as the Lavazza in Blu. Both make excellent espresso with lots of crema, which is the brown foam on top of the espresso shot and is formed only when the espresso is made right. I can hardly tell the difference in taste between Illy and Lavazza in Blue, although Illy comes in a specially pressurized can which keeps the coffee fresher much longer after the manufacture date. For the price, Lavazza in Blu is probably a better choice. However, I have only seen Lavazza in Blu being offered by Amazon Marketplace stores and not Amazon directly. That means you won’t get free shipping on this item. So I buy Illy on Amazon since it’s free shipping and costs about the same as Lavazza+shipping. If this item is offered by Amazon directly in the future, I would buy Lavazza in Blu in a heart beat. Also, I would stay away from the slightly cheaper Lavazza alternatives. They don’t produce much crema. Hope this helps.
AltheaQuogue, NY

Great coffee, great price

I lived in Italy and grew very accustomed to great coffee. LavBlu is as good as any I’ve had. It costs a bit more in stores, so if you order more than three cans or so, it’s probably saving you money. If you order six or so as I do, even with the shipping, it’s a bargain. Buy the Rosa if you’re making on the stove as this is too fine for a stove. With a machine, it’s just outstanding. New Lines Sales is easy to deal with, quick and responsive
AngeleWrangell, AK

Lavazza InBlu

we received this coffee yesterday, and have to tell you, if you love espresso but don’t want to fool around with grinding your own beans, then this is the coffee for you….Absolutely perfect crema, and great taste…….if your using an espresso machine then this is a must coffee to try…however the price is a little on the hi side from this site, I purchased mine from seriouschai…..
AliaDelmont, SD

LavAzza, Take Me Away

I received this coffee from Whole Latte Love when I purchased my new espresso machine, a Gaggia Espresso Color. I really enjoy this espresso. It works beautifully with my Gaggia, which tends to be picky about the grind. I consistently get that lovely, caramelly crema and it tastes nice and smooth, with chocolatey highlights and no bitter aftertaste. With this espresso and my Gaggia, I feel like I am taking a mini-vacation every time I make a cappuccino or latte.

Before I used this coffee, I was using Illy Espresso, fine grind. This also works well in my Gaggia, but I think the flavor of LavAzza in Blu is just a little more robust, so my preference is for using LavAzza, until I get around to purchasing my own grinder.

ArianeWhiteford, MD