Quick facts

  • Beverage Type – Coffee
  • Capacity (Volume) – 0.250 oz
  • Catalog Publishing Type – Beverages-Standard
  • Coupon Cannon – 04-10-09
  • Flavor – Crema Aroma Arabica/Robusta

Top reviews

Drinkable Espresso

With the pods & the Lavazza machine you get a shot of espresso with the push of the button. The pods make it super easy (though they’re probably not eco friendly). I have a double espresso every morning and have found the crema to consistently produce the most flavorful and creamy espresso shots. While the crema is strong espresso, it does not produce the jolt that some coffee house espressos do. On the other hand, it is smoother, less harsh and very “drinkable”. The coffee houses have not been getting my money in the morning for quite a while now.
ToniHollister, FL

Very good coffee 🙂

These coffee pods make a very good coffee. The lavazza coffee machine is 800$, but since it was bought by my company, I don’t really care, I get to enjoy this good coffee every day.
BrandonRock Rapids, IA

date of item just about expired

I bought four boxes of 100 capsules but they will be past pull date by end of october. This should have been part of the sale description!
ArgeliaMesa, ID

great coffee

the packaging has changed but the coffee is still the same delicious coffee love my lavazza! there are 2 servings per package
KatheyCalhoun City, MS

Great espresso and easy to prepare

If you have an Espresso Point machine (usually by Lavazza), the Crema & Aroma capsules will deliven an excellent espresso.
HansIsland Heights, NJ

used to get it for free

My uncle used to own a Lavazza franchise and distributorship for all of south east US. Now I need to buy it like everyone else. Tastes great! the machine is expensive to fix if it breaks. Old school design, but great coffee and looks cool.
AlysaMartindale, PA

Would be perfect if the cartridges were recyclable.

As a long-time Illy expresso fan, I was skeptical when a restaurant client sent me a Lavazza Espresso Point machine, with packs of Crema and Aroma Espresso Point cartridges. Ater a few days enjoying both Crema and Aroma, I gave the Illy machine to my ex-wife. This 100 pack delivers a blend of the two Espresso Point varieties at a good price. Only negative: the cartridges aren’t readily recyclable.
JackieFenn, ID

Great Buy!

Great deal for a great product. Item arrived fast and as advertised. The cartridges were also very reasonably priced compared to local suppliers.
FeliceHowe, IN