Lavazza Premium Drip Ground Coffee, 10-Ounce Cans

Newly designed can, same great product! Lavazza Premium Drip Coffee is a 100% Arabica blend of premium beans from Central America, Kenya, and Tanzania which, when brewed in a filter or drip machine, results in a coffee with a delicate aroma and well-balanced flavor. Premium Drip’s exceptional full-bodied taste turns any breakfast or coffee-break into a special occasion. Light roast. Pre-ground for drip or filter method.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 4 (total 40 oz)
  • Ground blend of 100% arabica coffee beans
  • Blended and ground for drip coffee makers
  • Plastic, airtight top seals can
  • Roasted and packaged in Italy

Top reviews

Don’t buy this! Too coarse

Made the mistake of ordering this product. This coffee is WAY too coarse to use. The result is that the coffee tastes weak and bland. You have to use a TON of coffee to get any taste whatsoever and even then it doesn’t taste very good. Now I’m stuck with 4 cans. I may try running the grounds through a coffee grinder to see if I can get a finer grind. Very disappointed.

May try the black can (espresso grind) in the future as that one has excellent reviews.

ClarettaLeblanc, LA

Coffee is ok

I’m a big fan of Lavazza. I usually drink espresso at home. I decided to buy this drip coffee for the office. Try to get a better taste than the local brands used here.
This coffee has a weird after taste. I tried to change filters, water, and coffee machine. There is some kind of sticky after taste that kills this coffee.
I will not buy drip coffee from lavazza again. I will stick to the espresso.
NellRiceville, IA

Are we talking about the same thing?

Yes, taste may be a very individual and subjective perception. Nonetheless, I still can hardly believe that some people gave it rave reviews. This is one of tasteless and least aromatic coffee I have ever bought!

If you like this coffee, you will find Maxwell God sent.

OwenExeter, MO

Smooth, light roast

The grind is fairly coarse so there is not a lot of extraction, use a little more coffee when you brew and you will be rewarded with a smooth, full, non acidic cup of coffee. I have been a drinker of Peet’s and Starbucks for years but found the high acidity upsetting if I drank more than a cup or two. Recently a friend of mine from Germany introduced us to this coffee and we have been sold ever since. If you like a darker roast, and a coffee with a finer grind then get the expresso roast (d’Oro) we use this in our drip coffee maker as well for a different but equally non acidic cup of coffee
BradleyFort Collins, CO


Bought 4 cans of this coffee…and really wish I hadn’t. Produces dishwater bland coffee. Probably yields about the same result as brewing sawdust in your coffee maker. I have to say that common supermarket brands such as Folgers & Maxwell House far surpass this type of Lavazza coffee. Save yourself $25 and the space in your cupboard & do not waste your money on this product.
DelphineBismarck, ND

Should only be used with a coffee press

This is a great light roast coffee. Like everyone else has said, you don’t get acid gut when drinking this.

With that said…the grind is VERY coarse, and does not taste that great when made in a drip coffee maker. I use this coffee in my french press. You need to let it steep a little longer than other coffees, but the result is the most amazing cup of coffee!

SethMorrison, MO

Delicious, smooth coffee

This is a deliciously, smooth tasting coffee. Rich flavor and no acid stomach! I’ve had a hard time getting it locally and Amazon has saved me!
AlbertWest Boylston, MA

LavAzza AHH!

In Italy the cafe to have is Lavazza or Illy , This is a very good deal if you drip brew. I prefer MOka , What I have found that you should re grind the coffee too a finer grind and you will be amazed how wonderful it is !!! Very low acid , very high pleasure !!!
OdiliaCuster, SD


I agree with some of the reviewers about the coarseness of the grind and how light tasting it is. The taste is what I really like about this brand. Really a great breakfast coffee with milk and sugar. True, if you love Starbucks, than it is probably not for you. I brewed a pot and noticed how light the color appeared and thought it was not going to be good. I was wrong. In fact, I ran out and am now fiendishly craving a cup. All the other supermarket brands seem too bold tasting. The can cost me the same as Chock Full ‘O’ Nuts or Folgers and I prefer it. It was the red can that caught my eye, but the mellow taste that I really enjoy. Hey, if you don’t like it, mail the extra to me.
JessicaLeasburg, NC

Everything about this coffee is horrible

It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t smell good, and it tastes like crap. It tastes exactly like that heavenly Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee that my Grandma made back in the 70s.
LesleeBristol, CT

Great Coffee

This is some great coffee.
The grind is a little course for drip coffee makers but I usually brew it in a french press.
AnastaciaLavaca, AR

Not good coffee

As others have reported, this is a very coarse grind coffee that takes about twice as much to create a coffee of any strength. It does not live up to the Lavazza name, being more like food-service grade. It is most certainly not a Premium coffee, as it is called. It is a light roast, but has an unpleasant, weak taste nevertheless, in addition to poor mouthfeel. Not worth the money, even when on sale. Lavazza should be selling this under a different brand name.
OletaCalder, ID

Lavazza coffee

I’ve been using Lavazza coffee since living in Italy in 1971. Having tried endless different roasts and types of coffee, I’ve always returned to this brand. I use the drip grind (which used to be called “Milano” roast) in a french press type coffee maker. I also use the Lavazza “Gold” in my espresso maker. I find Lavazza quality to be extremely consistent.
I also am impressed with the Amazon prices and shipment of the coffee. As a chef and food writer, I used to buy the coffee from one of my distributors, but find your prices are even better. Sounds like I’ve been paid for this review, but it’s all true for me.
ChiaJenison, MI

Wonderfully smooth!

Not knowing much about coffee, I noticed an immediate and amazing difference when I tasted this. Make it as strong as you like, it is smooth and not bitter at all. It has won me over and now I don’t use anything else. In regard to those who claim it’s too coarse, I put it through my Delonghi coffee grinder all the time (for espresso) with excellent results. I love it!
WarnerBloomfield, MT

Need to use more coffee for flavor

I have been using the Lavazza espresso happily and thought I’d give this a try. This will cost quite a bit more in the end because I need to use a lot to get a taste of it. But it’s not a bad coffee.
IrisWalnut Grove, AL

Lavazza Prem. Drip Ground 10oz

It seems a bit bland yet it is smooth. It does have a sweetness to it. It is a light coffee not dark roast or medium. I’m not too fond of this coffee, it’s just ok. Not because it’s a light roast. I’d buy in a pinch, but not sure I’d go out of my way for this specific kind. I use a french press and the grounds are course, so it works well with that.
EunaLloyd, MT

great light coffee

If you like dark roast, this coffee is not for you. This coffee is very light with aroma. It you purchase this coffee for breakfast, it is perfect. It is smooth, and therefore, is great for light coffee drinkers. However, if you like dark roast, don’t buy this product. You will be disappointed.
KaneshaLinesville, PA

Bad burnt rubber taste in every coffee maker

First Lavazza coffee I tried and it’s terrible. I’ve tried 3 different coffee makers and it tastes like burnt rubber no matter what I try. Went through about 3/4 of the can trying different ways to make it taste good with no success and threw the rest of the can away. Awful stuff, would not buy Lavazza brand again.
DianNorthampton, MA

My favorite coffee!!

I’m surprised to see a lot of negative reviews about this one. If you’re expecting a dark espresso taste, though, you may be disappointed. I used to prefer dark roasts, and now, because of this coffee, I’ve made the switch to the brighter, light roasts (brewed strong with no milk or sugar). After drinking Community Coffee, Illy, and a few others on a regular basis for years, I switched to this one with Amazon’s subscribe and save and the price is right. Works great with both French press and drip coffee makers.
FreedaEra, TX

Lavazza drip coffee

I found this coffee to be very disappointing. It is too light for me and so I had to make a mix by buying other expresso coffee to add to it. This made it acceptable. I am not an expert on coffee mixes so perhaps this type of coffee is designed for a light breakfast brew. I, however, prefer something much more substancial to start my day!
KentonNeedville, TX

Exactly what you get when a cafe serves Lavazza. Excellent.

Learned about Lavazza when a small crepery served it, and I could not stop drinking the stuff. It’s so mild, yet flavorful. And this drip ground coffee is exactly that flavor and mildness in a home brew. I did not notice a funky aftertaste as one of the reviewers has noted, it is smooth and delicious. If you like Starbucks, you’ll probably think this is too weak (because even Starbucks “mild” Pike’s Roast is far too strong, even burned tasting to my palate). Lavazza is smooth and mild, yet still tastes like you are drinking real coffee. I’ll never go back to another brand after buying this for the first time.

As a side note, if you want the same flavor as this coffee but prefer to grind your own (or prefer to control the coarseness of the grind), then get the whole-bean variety here: […] It tastes almost identical when ground coarse like this drip variety.

MinervaBlair, NE

not nearly as good as Illy

I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative to Illy but I guess quality does cost more, I’m disappointed but not shocked.
AlleenKunia, HI

Too sour

Was expecting something else. Found that it is way to sour for my taste buds. Good coffee though. But not my kind.
MaliaWhitsett, NC

No Way !

I agree with J. Chen. This doesn’t even come close to Lavazza espresso and brick pack varieties. Awful taste ~ made use the one can I purchased by mixing in a stronger tasting coffee. Reminiscent of 8 o’clock coffees-Ugh!
An add on —this is not about a light coffee, but a terrible tasting coffee.
ChanelPotter, KS


almost ruined the morning. now to figure out how to get rid of the 3 unopened cans.
JenaEwa Beach, HI

Guys, please…

the can states very clearly “Light roast”! How are you expecting a strong flavor from this coffee? Like another review says, taste depend on the person, but it’s common sense buying a light roast expecting dark, strong flavor!. If you like smooth light coffee flavor this is the best coffee I have tried. My dad tried it and wanted it more strong, so we pour more next time, didn’t work. Buy it for what it is, not what you think may be!
ReginaSixes, OR

Lavazza Premium Drip Coffee – Very smooth

This drip coffee is extremely smooth and as all lavazza coffees are – very high quality. If you’re a flavored coffee drinker and like to dose your coffee with sugar – do NOT do it with Premium Drip. You don’t need anything in this coffee to make it palatable. It’s a light roast which makes it very smooth so if you want a stronger coffee, you’ll need to add a scoop or two to your normal brew process. By the way, ‘light roast’ coffee has more caffeine so don’t load up on this until you get comfortable.
ShawannaMexico, NY

Good, but . . .

Good coffee, but not worth the extra expense. Wish I could buy only 1 of their other types to taste before investing in a case.
AikoMahopac Falls, NY

Good, but . . .

Tasted this coffee as a freebie in a hotel. Liked it so bought it from Amazon. It’s good coffee, mild, but not worth the extra expense.
JuliusDeer Park, NY

Lavazza Premium Drip Coffee

It’s ok. I got it because my husband said that it was primo! I drink anything.
PerryCarrollton, MO