LAWRY’S Tuscan Style Chicken Marsala with Garlic and Basil Meal Solutions, 1-Ounce

Authentic Tuscan flavors at the tip your kitchen using Lawry’s Tuscan Style Chicken Marsala with Garlic and Basil Meal. The combination of wine and spices create a real chicken marsala that is easier than you could have imagined.

Quick facts

  • Simply delicious, with natural flavors and spices
  • 0g trans fat
  • No MSG

Top reviews

Gourmet Dinner !!!

About 3 months ago I purchased a few of these packets and made a meal for 10 people. Not only did they rave about the dinner, the next day they were all out at our local supermarkets to get some of these packets, and much to all of our dismay, we were told the stores were no longer carrying them.
I contaced Lawry’s Corporate office and they advised me to ask the Store Mgr. to carry this product again, but they informed me that stores change products and add new one to their shelves once in a while, and to check on Amazon, (my favorite sight, I might add), so I did, and here it is. Can’t wait to be notified its available.
This is one of those meals that is not only easy and quick but Gourmet tasting. People will think you’ve spend hours making it….
ArmandoEdroy, TX


I bought this seasoning at a local store and now I can’t find it… Lawry’s told me it’s a new product and I would have to buy it off of the site. I’ll have to be patient I guess because it’s not available here either it looks like! This seasoning is fabulous!! My husband is not fond of chicken and he really likes it!! I like chicken and am on a low-carb diet and this fits the bill!! If you’re in an area where you can buy it, try it!!! They (Lawry’s) have out-done themselves on this one!!!
GlynisEast Williamson, NY