Laxmi Tea Masala

Masala chai, or spiced tea, is a flavorful and satisfying drink that can be made with any tea. This tea masala is an infusion of several spices, all in one. Just add a pinch to your tea or coffee while brewing.

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  • Laxmi Brand Tea Masala

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My favorite Tea Masala

I love this stuff. Love love love. So often tea masala leaves you with Chai that tastes like pumpkin pie. Bland and uninteresting. I love this – it makes a very spicy peppery Chai. My cheater’s chai trick: I take sweetened condensed milk and mix 1 tbsp of this kind of tea masala and mix it in, then put it in the fridge overnight. The spices infuse the milk and sugar overnight, so you don’t have to cook your tea in the morning; I can just brew up regular black tea and stir a big spoonful of this into it to make a nice cup of chai. Add more milk or more sugar to taste, or when you’re making the mix you can add more or less masala to your sweetened condensed milk, to adjust the spiciness.
JeneNoxon, MT