Legends of China Jasmine Green Tea 100 Bags

Uncle Lee’s famous non-fermented green tea is freshly grown and harvested from a tea plantation in the Fu-Jian province of China where the tender young leaves are at their most flavorful. The leaves are then gently washed, steamed, rolled and dried to retain their delicate flavor and aroma. With 100 tea bags inside every box of Legends of China tea product, you will economically enjoy the family of Green teas that the Legends of China series has to offer. It is great for hospitality when treating a large number of guests at a party or event. For this one, we have added the most popular additive – Jasmine flowers – for enhancing the delight in a cup of Green tea.

Quick facts

  • 100 Bags
  • Serving Size:

Top reviews

LOVE THIS TEA–it is the best!!!

This is the best bargain for green tea and the jasmine adds a bit of sweetness to it. I drink it every morning.
HarryNorth Scituate, MA

Starbucks watch out!

As a connoisseur of fine green tea’s, it’s my option that is brand is the tops! Hot or cold the balance of green tea and Jasmine is perfect! And how can you argue with the price for this box..? Great job Legends. Bravo Amazon for carrying this!!!
NelsonSellersburg, IN