lemon essential oil

Our pure lemon essential oil is a delicious choice for food preparation — remember, a little goes a long way. This highly concentrated lemon essential oil is also excellent for aromatherapy, candle making and crafting. Our essential oils are packaged in amber glass bottles with polyseal caps to insure maximum flavor and shelf-life. What makes our essential oils so different? Quality There are different grades of essential oils.  One sniff and you will smell the difference.  We sell the same high quality essential oils that we use to manufacture our popular flavored sugars, cocoas and salts. Price How can we sell high quality essential oils at such a low price?  It’s simple.  We buy essential oils in bulk to use in our manufacturing operation and are able to pass our savings on to you.  This lets us sell a full ounce of high quality food grade essential oil for the same or better price than a small amount (10 ml) of a lesser grade essential oil.  Our 4 oz bottles are even more economical. Strength  Are food grade essential oils different than other essential oils?  Yes — because they are more refined and contain fewer impurities, you will often find you can use less to get the same impact.  We recommend that you start with 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount of lemon essential oil you would normally use.

Quick facts

  • 100% food grade essential oil
  • These are not dilutions – use sparingly
  • Perfect for flavoring candy or chocolate
  • Can be used for aromatherapy, candle making and crafting
  • Ship anywhere in the U.S. for $7.50 per order. Orders over $25 ship for free!

Top reviews

I like it~!

I was keep checking the essential oil’s prices around, then I found this who had a low price & good qualily. I mix it with my night cream and my skin do look younger. Love it so much! Will be back to try the other stuffs!Thank U & Have a good business.
TonyPanola, TX