Leonard Mountain 4 Amigos Tortilla Soup, 6-Ounce. Boxes

Leonard Mountain has been the leader in soups that have been easy to prepare, filled with nutrition and low in sodium. We determined that you would like to have a soup that just needed water to make it a soup. If you wanted to add meat you would do that yourself, if you wanted to add cheese, milk and those other items that some people like and some people don’t like, again you could do that at home. Some we just made our soups simple and simply good.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 6-ounce boxes (total of 24 ounces)
  • Easy to prepare, just add water
  • All Natural
  • Low Sodium
  • Great Gift Idea

Top reviews

tortilla soup mix

i was disappointed in this one, it seemed very bland even though i used fresh broth to make it in and doctored it up a little. not one that i’ll buy again.
IsraelSandia Park, NM

Not what I’d hoped

I’m so sorry to say that this was not good at all. I really had high hopes, since I am a huge fan of tortilla soup.
It was watery and had a strange flavor. I made it according to the directions, too. I’m just sad I have three boxes left over. I also purchased the potato soup, but haven’t tried it yet.
LedaNardin, OK

Excellent starting point for making tortilla soup

All by itself, this isn’t much, but you can turn it into an excellent tortilla soup with a little work. After adding the soup mix to the water, we add peeled and chopped carrots, peeled and chopped potatoes, and chopped scallions. If you like it hotter, add a drop of Dave’s insanity sauce. Cook for 20 minutes per the instructions. About five minutes before it is finished, we add frozen corn. While the soup is heating up, we grill some skinned chicken breasts or thighs, cut them up and add them to the soup when it is done cooking. Serve with tortilla chips and fresh cilantro. Sometimes we add a dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt. You can also add black or other beans to the soup. The advantage of using this package is that it has a nice selection of spices, it is relatively low in sodium for a soup (190 mg per serving), and it is fast to make.
FreddySpangler, PA


Leonard Mountain 4 Amigos Tortilla Soup, 6-Ounce. Boxes (Pack of 4) I gave it 3 stars because my son likes it. It has a taste only for certain taste buds. No, I would not order this again.
WindyNevada, MO