Leonard Mountain Chicken/pasta Dry Soup Mix, 6-Ounces Boxes

Chicken and pasta dry soup mix is easy to prepare. Chicken noodle soup is just about the only thing that will make the sick well. So here it is easy as can be just add water and let it cook a bit. We like to throw in some canned or cooked chicken to give a great meat taste to it. Leonard Mountain is located in a rural setting and has been employment for women, (mostly) who were unable to drive into a large city to work. We have cultivated our workforce from those dear people who have needed the work closer to their homes.

Quick facts

  • Pack of five, 6-ounce boxes (total of 30 ounces)
  • Easy to prepare, just add water
  • All Natural
  • Low Sodium
  • Great Gift Idea

Top reviews

a favorite

this is a quick meal we just add meat or any preference it is low sodium and in 20 minutes we can enjoy a very hardy hot soup
CarolaTiff City, MO