Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb General Assortment

Leonidas General Assortment…with a well balanced and representative selection of Leonidas’ fresh butter creams, sinfully smooth truffles and delectable pralines, there is sure to be something in this assortment to please everybody, and is guaranteed to tantalize even the most discerning palates. Introduce a grateful friend to Leonidas today, or give in to temptation and indulge yourself…Leonidas Famous Belgian Chocolates…a great tradition of quality and freshness, since 1913.

Quick facts

  • Approx 28 Pieces – Net weight 1 lb
  • In Leonidas’ signature gift wrap
  • Assorted fillings in ivory, milk and dark chocolate coverings
  • Our most popular assortment
  • Ideal for gifts, or simply to indulge!

Top reviews


People who spend this kind of money on belgian chocolate will likely never be able to afford a vacation in belgium.
ChelseaFort Wainwright, AK

I’d like to give it 5 stars, but…

It’s just got that great. Of course it’s very good, it’s Belgian chocolates, but I’ve had better.
PattyLakeland, MI

totally overrated

The Leonidas chocolates being peddled in the USA bear little/no resemblance to those available in Europe. After enjoying Leonidas in Germany (Aachen and Munich) for many years I placed an order here in New York State. What I received was (a) crudely presented boxes of (b) thick, hard-shelled (c) anonymous flavoured cream centres. With the exception of the coffee creams (which were more or less as I remember them from Europe) the rest of the box seemed to consist of two undefinable centres. Extremely disappointed with this order. The Godiva selection my mother received for Christmas was FAR superior in every respect — packaging, presentation, appearance, texture, taste. I won’t buy Leonidas in the USA again.
DoreathaForrest City, AR

Chocolates might be great; shipping was less so; customer service is great

While it was shipped to me insulated in styrofoam, no cold packs were included in the shipment–which was heading to Atlanta in early September (the American South in the summer). I assumed that since I was paying over $20 for shipping–the absolute fastest time, greater care would be taken to ensure that the product arrived intact. Unfortunately, the chocolates I received were largely melted. I do not recommend the purchase of this item to be shipped to any region experiencing temperatures above 78 degrees.

UPDATE: Received an e-mail, which read (in part) as follows: First, my apologies for not answering you earlier… I didn’t notice there was a melting issue with your order till late last week while addressing a small more recent delivery problem. Anyway, as you have noticed with your order, melting can and does happen in transit, but luckily only with an insignificant number of our packages as we only experience about two dozen or three dozen a year out of well over 15,000 packages. Insignificant when view in percentage terms, but still most infuriating when this happens.

The e-mail went on to note that they are replacing my order. I am stunned–I have had a melting issue before with a different chocolate company (remember, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, where summer temperatures are a bear), and I received nothing in the way of satisfaction. I figured it would be the same and didn’t even bother to directly contact the company (a mistake on my part). I am *very* pleased with this level of service.

AngelenaWest Blocton, AL

Will never buy again.

I bought one box after reading the nice rating/reviews. My hubby gave it a so-so rating. I tasted it, and was ultimately disappointed. I felt that I had to write a review to tell others. The chocolate is simply okay, comparable to $10/lb chocolate I buy at local produce. But the fillings were horrible (most of them). Given it is $36/lb + $18 for shipping, I am sure I will never ever buy another one.
KerriDillon, MT

Perfectly Delicious

If it is possible to fall madly in love with a box of chocolates, then the assortment is the perfect place to start such an adventure. These chocolate are named after Leonidas Kestekidis, who definitely knew how to create chocolates for the true chocolate connoisseur.

When he moved back to Belgium he not only married his true love, he created chocolates the world now adores. When you taste these chocolates, your taste buds will also finally know true chocolate happiness. Whether you try one of these with a cup of coffee or tea or enjoy one as a daily indulgence, these will impress.

The “I Love You” chocolate with dreamy lemon filling embodies this sentiment. Each chocolate has a unique design and the I Love You chocolate has two hearts, ribbons and a seal. After you sample the variety of chocolates, specific flavors will stand out as favorites.

Here are my favorite creamy fillings (ganache and butter cream) which come in dark, white and milk chocolate depending on the selection:

Antoinette – A smooth Brandy flavored ganache

Lingoit Lait – Absolutely delicious vanilla flavored fresh butter cream filling. Time definitely stopped while tasting this chocolate.

Irrésistible – Dark chocolate and Strawberry sauce.

For ever – If you love coffee this may be one of the most delicious milk or dark chocolate chocolates ever made as it is filled with a special coffee cream that has hints of caramel. I ordered an entire box of these and they come in a variety of flavors. The milk chocolate and cherry filling is like Claude Debussy’s Rêverie. It is difficult to describe besides saying it is like a delicate cherry icing wrapped in milk chocolate.

Merveilleux – Milk or dark chocolate filled with coffee ganache.

Europe – Dark or milk chocolate filled with rum filling.

Ganache – Milk or dark chocolate with pure ganache.

Tosca – Milk chocolate with a special ganache.

Poésie – Dark chocolate and a Cointreau filling.

Antoinette – Delicate caramel hints in the milk chocolate coating mingle nicely with the vanilla filling.

Eve – Milk or dark chocolate with a creamy dreamy banana filling.

Alexandre le grand – A milk or dark chocolate with caramel cream.

Also Recommended:

If you wish to also try the Napolitains, I’d suggest the 1 pound sampler Ballotin with six varieties. You may also want to look for the new Palet d’Or. A deeply delicious and strong bitter chocolate filled with ganache. The center is made with butter, cream and chocolate and the outer coating is a masterpiece with gold decorations.

Leonidas now has over 1700 stores and sales locations worldwide and they offer over 80 varieties of fresh chocolates. The chocolates are air freighted weekly from Brussels so you will always find the quality to be superior.

My chocolates arrived fast and were as fresh as if I had purchased them in Belgium. They were carefully packaged in the famous gold boxes with signature/seasonal wrapping and a ribbon. The boxes were then placed in protective Styrofoam containers to protect the chocolates during shipping. The expedited shipping is recommended from May to early September.

~The Rebecca Review

AnneLa Marque, TX

Heavenly chocolate

Outstanding melt in your mouth chocolate. The dark chocolate is not bitter like many chocolatiers – it has the perfect blend of taste for any chocoholic. I’ve had many different types of chocolate from Belgium and can guarantee – Leonidas is the “Mercedes-Benz” of chocolatiers. The general assortment is an outstanding sampling of ivory, milk and dark chocolate. If you love dark chocolate then go for the dark chocolate assortment. You will not regret it. Also forget Godiva – it’s medium grade quality.
DorotheaGoodfellow Afb, TX

Awesome Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All you chocolate lovers out there must experience this chocolate from Leonidas–great customer service and follow up on the order.
KentonCartersburg, IN


These are a very good and a lot cheaper than other chocolates, some of which are not a lot better.
ChanceWhiteclay, NE

Okay, but…..

I’ve read reviews of different chocolates on Consumer Reports awhile ago and Leonidas was given a good rating; I was curious as to how this would taste. So, I ordered it for the family (I just sampled..). The packaging is really nice.. it would make a great gift. As for the chocolate itself, well… it is better than most store brands, but not as good as Godiva. I would rather pay a little more for better quality, or pay a lot less for a bar of Cadbury.
OraliaFranklin, MN

Creme de Creme

I lived in Leuven, Belgium for 8 years and tried many a chocolate. Leonidas is the creme de creme, that is, the best of the best. Especially their Framboise Praline is an Epicurean delight if you are a dark chocolate lover. Also, their plain dark chocolate medallion is outstanding as an addition to a freshly brewed Tully’s espresso. Amazon, you provide a number one global service by bringing the best of Belgium to the US. Thanx,

Heironymus de Medina (aka Jerome)

HarrisonBattletown, KY


These chocolates are one of the very best one can get. The problem is the price in the USA.

In Belgium they cost only 16.50 Euros a Kilo (approx 2.2 lbs)= USD 22.00.

Transport is expensive because they travel cooled…

GroverTaftville, CT

The worlds best!!!!

After tasting this chocolate, you’ll never want anything else. This was the highlite purchase in Amsterdam. So glad Amazon has them!!!!!
TodSweetwater, TX

You Won’t Be Disappointed

I don’t want to say that one chocolate is better than another. That’s a matter of individual taste. If you haven’t sampled Leonidas Belgian Chocolates, you should give them a try. The company has an excellent product and outstanding service if you have any problems.
CarlottaYorktown, IA


These chocolates are the best I have ever tasted, and so affordable for the quality that you get! 10 stars!!
AbbyEarling, IA

Good but not THAT good

After sending these chocolates as Christmas presents in the last two years, I have decided to sample them myself.

If one includes shipping, these chocolates costs around $1.50 per piece. That is not the highest chocolate price but still a premium price.

As others have noted, the packaging is very well done. The box itself is wrapped in a stryofoam box. The ribbons add a nice touch to the presentation.

The taste of these chocolates, however, is merely good. As a comparison, I think the Dove chocolates one can get at a grocery store is about 80% as good at about 1/5 the price.

I think Godiva chocolates are about as good.

But no one gets credit and thanks for sending Godiva (non-box kind) or Dove chocolates for Christmas and they certainly don’t come in a nice box with a ribbon and a Belgian chocolate brand.

I have tasted better chocolates.

If you want the most premium tasting chocolates possible, then these will somewhat disappoint. Nonetheless, no one will dislike these chocolates especially when given as a Christmas present.

MargaretOnancock, VA

Chocolate Delight

The best chocolates my wife and I have ever had. We thought we knew good chacolates having purchased and consumed more well know upper shelf chocolates before, but these blow all of them away. Do yourself a big favor and buy a box of these for yourself!!!! You may find yourself eating them all and not sharing one of them!!!1
HarryAlexandria Bay, NY

There is none better.

I have never ever tasted a finer and more delicious chocolate in my entire life. The only thing I would ask Leonidas Belgian Chocolates to do is make up some chocolates with whole almonds in them. That would be the best of both worlds.
BerneicePierce, TX

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb General Assortment

I ordered a Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb General Assortment. I had to pick up the box at a local UPS outlet one day after the first attempted delivery. The weather here is mild, not very hot or very cold. When I opened the box and sampled the chocolates I immediately noticed a stale and unpalatable taste. I recognized this taste from what occurs when chocolate is frozen or exposed to refrigerated air. I responded to an email from Amazon asking for a review of my purchase. I recounted my experience. I received an email from Leonidas claiming that to their knowledge the product was not sent damaged. Leonidas stated they would replace my order. They have not. I emailed Leonidas again asking about their intentions to replace my order. I have received no reply. Amazon attached a statement to the email I received from Leonidas disavowing any responsibility for Leonidas’ product or the delivery of it. So, here is my response: I will make no more purchases of food stuffs from Leonidas until a refund or replacement is forth coming. I understand Amazon’s position, but as a consumer of many items purchased via the Internet, I think that Amazon needs to review their policy regarding 3rd party vendors. This is the first time any product I have purchase from Amazon had a problem. I am somewhat shocked that their attitude towards my problem is: you’re own your own.
HomerVan Buren, OH

Very delicious!

I ordered these chocolates for my girlfriend a few weeks ago. The only problem I had was that Amazon said it would take 3-5 days to deliver, which was great because I could receive the chocolates and give them to my girlfriend and surprise her, but they delivered them the very next day.

Other than that, great product. Beautiful packaging and great taste. I would recommend these for sure but be aware of the shipping time and expect them faster than 3-5 business days.

LyndsayLeesburg, OH

Excellent Chocs

I placed the order on a tuesday and it was delivered the very next day. The chocolates were absolutely wonderful and incredibly delicious. Will be ordering again definitely.

The packaging was beautiful and for the price i feel that the chocolates are of a very high quality. i would recommend this product esp as a gift for your GF.

FelicidadDewy Rose, GA

Simply The Best

These chocolates are much better than 5 stars!

We found a Leonidas’ Shop during a visit to Brussels, Belgium earlier this year and brought home 4 of the “kilo” Assortment Ballotins. I was ready to call directly to Brussels to place an order for more, but found them in New York City, so………no need to search further.

The quality is outstanding and as other have already stated, far superior to other brands and MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE.

The shipment arrives overnight and each ballotin is protected in it’s own styrofoam case.

Try an assortment (the dark is unbelievably decadent) and you will not be disappointed!


ShakiaLake Charles, LA

Fantastic chocolates

We tried (and retried very may times 🙂 these chocolates in Belgium, and they are fantastic. I do like Neuhaus chocolates better, but these are also way up there. Highly recommended!
WenClio, CA

Great for a dinner party!!!

I got the box for a gift at a dinner party, and of course we opened and tasted the chocolates! Evribody enjoyed them and none were left by the end of the night! Elegant and really tasty, they were the perfect gift for the occasion.
CecilleLake Butler, FL

Belgian Chocolate

When I thinkof the richest chocolates I usually thinkof fine Belgian chocolates. Lately I needed some small thank you gifts. The chocolate ballotins arrived in TWO days without express delivery. Thanks to fresh product and fine packaging the chocolates could not have arrived as they did: in perfect shape. My friends were very thrilled and even grudgingly gave me a nibble. This selection contained mostly liquid centers with shells ranging from thick to thin, milk to bitter chocolates.
MoraExeter, NE


These are the best chocolates you will ever have.

Absolutely incredible. Chocolate this good is rare in the US. They also make an excellent gift- I wish people would give me Leonidas.

SharolynCastlewood, SD


My friend went to Belgium and brought us back this chocolate. I am not crazy about chocolate BUT I fell in LOVE with this one! This is EXCELLENT chocolate! The assortment varies so if you like a certain assortment, send the company an email or call them as they have EXCELLENT customer service. Although the chocolate is MUCH CHEAPER in Belgium it was worth EVERY penny that I spent on the chocolate.
CharlesTrilla, IL


Although, the chocolate was good, and the inside was very creamy; it seemed that every chocolate was Hazelnut-flavored. I was very disapointed in the flavors of this chocolate. Especially after reading such glowing reviews, I was upset recieving something that was decent, but just buying a cheap box of chocolates at the store is just as good. You want delicious chocolates, go for Godiva.
GhislainePine River, MN

Great Belgian Chocolates

Though I live in Miami, which is quite hot and humid, the chocolates arrived well packed, and did not melt at all.

Without comparing them to Godiva, these are simply some of the best chocolates on the market. You won’t be disappointed.

LynetteBainbridge, GA


This company not only has a great product, but they have top notch customer service. They made a mistake on my order (which happens!), but THEY found it (they didn’t wait for me to find it), and THEY fixed it over and above my satisfaction. They communicated with me as well as the receipient of the gift and they were great. I would recommend them if you plan to give chocolates as a gift.
TheoPrairie Du Sac, WI