Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb Milk Chocolates Assortment

Leonidas Milk Chocolate Assortment…with a well balanced and representative selection of Leonidas’ fresh butter creams, sinfully smooth truffles and delectable pralines, all covered in sweet milk chocolate, guaranteed to tantalize even the most discerning palates. Introduce a friend to Leonidas today, or give in to temptation and indulge yourself…Leonidas…a great tradition of quality and freshness, since 1913.

Quick facts

  • Approx 28 Pieces – Net weight 1 lb
  • In Leonidas’ signature gift wrap
  • Assorted fillings in milk chocolate covering
  • For those with a sweeter tooth
  • Ideal for gifts

Top reviews


Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb Milk Chocolates Assortment

Well…they sounded great to me! The reviews were great too! Off they went for Mothers’ Day (shame on me). The “giftee” said they were ” the most ***awful chocolates I’ve ever had! I tried several…no carmels, no creams, no nothing! Just a pound of solid chocolate…don’t ever give me anything else unless I ask for it!” She needn’t worry…I’m done.

RosalindaParsons, KS


I am really disappointed with this chocolate. It tasted cheap and not worth $5, let alone the $30+ I paid for it. Lindor Truffles would have been better for my mother for mother’s day, rather than this cheap, gritty junk. Don’t waste your money.
RemonaBessemer, AL

satisfied customer

Had a perfect transaction, with order arrival just as stated. Happy to order again. Thanks
ElainaConyngham, PA

Finest milk chocolates you can find !

If you don’t like it so sweet, I would recommend the dark assortment. Try also Leonidas Gjanduia, the best of its kind !
MarianelaFenwick Island, DE

Best Belgian Chocolates I have had

Obviously pricey outside of Belgium (or Europe for that matter) however the quality is unmatched. I bought these for my wife on Easter instead of the traditional (and dare I say highly repetitive) chocolate box brand. First, the milk chocolate is obviously of higher quality and retains its creamy taste even if regrigerated. The fillings and cremes are superb. The only problem I have now is that my wife wants them on every insignificant occasion now!
StellaBretz, WV

Wonderful Chocolates

Leonidas is a wonderful brand of chocolate and previously hard to get in the US if you didn’t have a friend flying to Belgium every week. I found these on Amazon and now my daughter thinks I’m the best mom. They are made without preservatives so they need to be well cared for and not kept around too long. That is not a problem since they taste as great as they do. This package offers a variety of flavors and types to try as well. We really enjoyed having it around. Too bad it didn’t last very long before it was gone.
BradyBode, IA


“oooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooo”, Is all I heard for two days after giving her these candies, Thank You.
BrittanyEtna, CA

AWESOME – Worth It!!!

I ordered this a little worried that the cost would not equal the product. I ordered them and got them in a day and they were AWESOME about to order some more. I would highly recommend the experience for you or as a gift for someone.
JennellLeckrone, PA


To be honest I wish I had more to say about these chocolates but my Girlfriend ate all of them up before I had a chance to try very many! Far better then any of the Godiva chocolates I’ve ever had.
AnFalmouth, IN

My friend loved the chocolate

This was a gift for a friend recovering from surgery. It was delivered quickly and she said the candy was delicious.
ClarisOrleans, MI

Excellent Milk Chocolate Sampler

Ordered during the day, got it during the next morning. Excellent quality, and well-packed. A little pricey, but don’t eat it like Hershey’s, and savor it.
BethannEast Branch, NY

The Best Chocolate Around

This is without doubt the nicest chocolate I have ever had. I had it years ago and was very pleased to see it now available through Amazon. It turned up in the US the day after it was ordered very nicely packaged and delicious. The packaging is quite substantial and insulated. Great service from Amazon and Leonidas.
QueenieNehawka, NE


This is the best Belgian Chocolate I’ve tasted. The shipping to the customer is first rate. Defineately give them a try. I prefer these to Gopdiva chocolates. Yes, they cost more than drugstore chocolate but they are well worth the cost. The packaging is as pleasing to the eye, as the chocolate is to the palate. The Belgian’s sure know their chocolate!
MeriDe Witt, AR

Awesome chocolate. Great company

I have received the chocolate as a gift from someone who brought it from Belgium. I ordered this for my husband and the company accidently sent Milk Chocolate when I had ordered Dark Chocolate. I called the company and explained the error. They sent the dark chocolate overnight to correct the problem and let me keep the milk chocolate. I was very happy with how they handled the error. I would definitely buy from them again.
RefugioMid Hudson, NY

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

Fresh, rich and delicious Belgian chocolates. Definitely a winner and we will order more.
ChantelleGifford, WA

Great gift

I sent these to my mother for Mother’s Day and they were a big hit.
JenSalcha, AK

So Decadent, So Worth It!

Nothing can beat Belgian Chocolate and Leonidas is my favorite brand. I’m so glad
that I didn’t have to travel to Brussels to get them.
Just put one in your mouth, let it melt and OMG!!!
DeloisHawick, MN


I have never had better chocolate in my life! My box is only two days old and it is 75% gone. My husband helped. I really don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse…..normally I have better self control and we are thin and healthy people who never over-indulge. But it’s just that good.
BasilQuincy, MI

These are the best chocalates…….

My family is from Belgium and this was our first and last purchase on every trip and also took up most of luggage space on the way back. This is the chocolate that most Belgians buy (vs. Godiva, Nuehaus, etc.). I have not ordered through Amazon yet, but I can’t wait.
JiAmidon, ND

Creamy & Rich. The Best Chocolates Around!

I have been receiving these chocolates from my significant other for years now. Every holiday I get a new assortment. They are to die for. Milk chocolate is my personal favorite but I have tried the other flavors and types and they are all wonderful. The types of chocolates range from creamy filled bites to solid deep flavorful chunks and include lemon, coconut, orange, milk chocolate fudge, rice crisps, among others.

Worth the buy by far!

HortenseHadar, NE

Amazing chocolates!

As with other reviews I was worried about spending so much on chocolates. I was entirely taken back at how amazing these chocolates were! I’m not huge on the chocolates filled with items (Some coconut and one that tasted like banana).

One thing I will mention. If you are ordering this as a Christmas present, you better hope that you get the box before it’s seen by the person you are giving it to! On the outside of the box it clearly says “Leonidas Belgian Chocolate”. That was an Xmas present ruined but the chocolates were still enjoyed. Also, and I don’t know if this was just my box or all of them, but you don’t get a “map” as to what chocolates are filled with what. This means that if you don’t like a certain chocolate you have to gently bite into a piece that you take and hope it’s not that certain flavor 🙂

Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase. The box looks great that the chocolates come in which adds a nice “Fancy chocolate” touch to it. They were also packaged very well so nothing was damaged in shipping.

MadelaineMedway, OH

exotic taste

My grand children loved these chovlates and want more. I am glad that I selected Leonidas Belgian Chocolates
IsaacMaxton, NC