Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb Napolitain Solid White Chocolate Squares

Solid white chocolate squares, for those with a sweeter tooth. Unwrap and enjoy with your morning coffee, after dinner, or simply to indulge anytime of the day.

Quick facts

  • An entire ballotin filled with Leonidas’ individually wrapped Napolitain White
  • A bite-sized version of Leonidas’ classic white chocolate
  • For those with a sweeter tooth
  • In Leonidas’ classic gold ballotin.
  • Net weight 1 lb – Approximately 70 pieces

Top reviews

Love them

If you’re a white Chocolate nut like me, you must try this product. Right size, melts in your mouth, very creamy. Also avail in milk and dark Chocolate. A little on the pricy side but really good!
ShylaSaint Marks, FL