Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bars

Leonidas’ 70% cacoa dark chocolate bars conveniently packaged …for the true dark chocolate lovers.

Quick facts

  • A dozen of our 70% dark chocolate bars
  • For those who truly enjoy the purest dark chocolate taste
  • Each dark chocolate bar comes individually wrapped
  • 70% cocoa content
  • Each bar 50 grams

Top reviews

Leonidas is superb

Leonidas dark chocolate is sensational. To enjoy its full flavor let the segment melt on your tongue. Don’t chew.
JamarAmmon, VA

my my my

I bought these chocolates as a birthday gift for my wife. They came super fast, well packed in a custom styrofoam shipping carton.

I’m not a big chocolate fan but I know quality. These are rich and smooth and deeply satisfying. I can imagine that a true chocolate lover would really love them!

DesireeWauregan, CT

Serious chocolate

Dark chocolate lovers will confirm, at the first taste, that this is a classy and classic product. Contains no “distractions” such as nuts or grain products. You will be able to enjoy the intense cocoa aftertaste for several minutes after each bite. These are so good that they must border on being illegal.
JodySalsbury Cove, ME