Lettieri Reko Pizzelle Lemon Cookies, 5.25-Ounce Packages

Lettieri Reko Pizzelle Cookies recipe has chocolate, chocolate, and still more chocolate. Rich brownies studded with chocolate chips and pecans get a topping of whipped chocolate ganache frosting.

Quick facts

  • Light and crispy

Top reviews


This cookie is fabulous! Its crunchy, its lightly lemony, and low in calories! What more can you ask for. Little one love them too!
AlbertoMonument, OR


We used to be able to buy these cookies locally but haven’t found them in a long while. Finally saw they were available through Amazon and bought a whole case of them. We like to have two cookies with coffee each morning to get the day off to a good start. Will order again and again.
ClarettaGoshen, NJ

Love These cookies

These light and airy cookies are fantastic. The anise flavor is just right, not overbearing. You will be very satisfied with this product without a doubt.Give them a try & you’ll have a new favorite cookie like me. Amazon was fantastic with my order. They were fast and I had no problems with the order. I will use amazon again for my online purchases.
BurmaPacifica, CA

Delivery was fast

Received my anise treats quickly. The first batch was so smash into tiny pieces I returned them. Another case was sent quickly. They arrived promptly but also 4-5 of the cookies in each batch were broken into several pieces. They tasted great so I ate them anyways!
ShamikaFranklin, MA


As an Italian woman who couldn’t find the time to make these “cookies” for Christmas, I ordered a case and gave them to colleagues. They were better than any I’ve ever made and equally as good as the ones my mother made with me for years. I am getting married in April and plan on ordering more for that event as well. They are fabulous.
AgustinaBardwell, KY

Light wonferful Low Cal Italian Cookies

Really enjoy these cookies, Light Low Cal and great with a Cup of Coffee, for breakfast…
LulaOreana, IL

Very yummy

I have tried all 3 flavors of the pizzelles and the anise is my favorite. A great treat for anyone especially those who are trying to watch their weight.
TerraNoxen, PA


Don’t know if they are fattening or not, but they are so yummy. Even though they have reduced the size of their package for the same amount of money (the old one less olive), they are still worth every dime.
TommieLittleton, CO

very addictive

Only one problem, they arrived, packaging wasn’t the best, and they were stale. Still love them, but wish I could get a reliable souce of this product on a regular basis and have them fresh.
MarylouiseClemson, SC