Libbys All Natural 2 Loaf Pumpkin Bread Kit With Icing Thanksgiving Holiday Gift Box

Libbys all natural 4 loaf pumpkin bread kit with icing thanksgiving holiday gift box is a great gift kit for new bakers and it makes a moist pumpkin bread

Quick facts

  • Libbys All Natural 2 Loaf Pumpkin Bread Kit With Icing Thanksgiving Holiday Gift Box
  • This all natural pumpkin bread kit comes with everything you need to make 4 delicious loaves of Libbys all natural pumpkin bread
  • Great for any pumpkin bread lover, makes a perfect Christmas, Hanukkah, or Thanksgiving Gift

Top reviews

Moist & Tasty, EVERY TIME!

I can burn water, but this kit gives EVERYTHING needed for an easy baking experience. I’ve used this product for years (since’98,’99?) and it routinely produces the most flavorful, moist, quick & easy muffins – you CAN make the bread but muffins ROCK!!! 😉
I always try to order extra kits for later in the year, but I can’t seem to NOT use them! Delicious without a doubt!
JackelynLas Vegas, NM

I would give this 10 stars if I could!!!!!!

Obviously baking/cooking from scratch is the BEST and I would usually never serve boxed food products to my family (let’s step it up moms!), but this stuff is the greatest! I stock up on this every fall when it comes out. But don’t buy it here on amazon;it’s a rip off. Walmart sells it for about $6 for a double loaf kit.
KerriGonzalez, FL

Foolproof and Delicious!

I discovered this great pumpkin bread kit in time for the holidays this year. Each kit makes two large loaves — I used my largest loaf pans and it filled them up. The texture is different from any other quick-bread mix I’ve tried — it’s moist and dense, like you’d make from scratch. You can put the finished loaves in airtight plastic wrappers and they should stay moist for a long time (provided they last longer for you than they did for me). The kits come with the dry mix, a can of pumpkin and a packet of icing for the top. (I also added chopped walnuts to mine for a little crunch.) Great stuff, and since my grocery store ran out of the kits and I can’t find them, I’m going to order a couple from Amazon.
EvonBasile, LA

Greatest Pumpkin Bread Mix Ever

I LOVE this bread mix. Libby has a hit on its hands. I have tried to prepare other pumpkin bread mixes when this is not available, and they just don’t measure up. If you even think you might like pumpkin bread you should try this. YUMMMMM!!!!! I will be purchasing this again, and again, and again.
DarceySagle, ID

are they on crack????

Yeah this bread is good…when you pay $5 for it. NOT nearly anything worth what they’re asking. Ok so put down the crack pipe and enter reality.
GayeFletcher, OK

Moist and Dense

This is just what I was looking for, a moist and dense cake with just the right amount of pumpkin and spice flavors. Pricy on Amazon, but seasonal and not available elsewhere. I am going to try some of the pumpkin bread recipes at instead.
DwightOrofino, ID

ripe off

i thought i was getting a deal UNTIL I SAW THAT I COULD HAVE BOUGHT A BOX for $ $ 4.98 at Walmart when they were in season…I was charged almost $10.00 per box…wasnt too happy
FelicidadGautier, MS

can get it at Sam’s Club for under $10 per box!

We called Libby’s to see where it was sold since Costco no longer carries it. The Amazon price way too high. You can get it at Sam’s Club
EliaMyrtlewood, AL

Better Than Starbucks Gingerbread Loaf

This is my second year to use the Libby Pumpkin Bread Kit for our family. I had looked for a substitute for the Starbucks Gingerbread loaf in the past and not pleased. The cost of serving it to my large family was too much. So I decided to add 2 Tbls. of ground ginger to the kit mix. I also substituted half the oil with melted butter. Unbelievable!! The taste is the best, most moist gingerbread loaf (better than Starbucks) around. I did not use the icing in the kit, but made a cream cheese icing for one loaf. The other loaf I left plain. All through the holidays, guests would choose the gingerbread over other desserts. Keep offering it Amazon. Some of us live in small towns that do not carry it. If you like gingerbread or pumpkin bread, you will not be disappointed in this kit.
BambiSan Cristobal, NM

Fast, Easy, Delicious Pumpkin Bread!

This pumpkin bread kit is so convenient, easy to make & absolutely delicious! I first had some recently at the home of a friend I was visiting & thought it was made from scratch. It’s perfect to give as Christmas gifts.
KatlynGobler, MO