Libby’s Cut Asparagus Spears, 8-Ounce Cans

Libby’s cut asparagus spears comes in 8 ounce cans with pack of 12. It is hand selected, hand cut, and hand-packed to give consumers a high-quality product. This tender and flavorful vegetable can be used as a side dish or added to omelets, soups, or salads for enhanced flavor. Seneca foods has been dedicated to providing quality food products and service excellence to our customers. Libby’s began by concentrating on one product, concord grape juice, and carved out a successful niche in a growing market. Today, the breadth of its operations encompasses a vast array of fruit and vegetable products.

Quick facts

  • Low in calories, with no fat, and no cholesterol
  • Asparagus-cut, canned
  • All natural; vegetarian; vegan; gluten free
  • Fully cooked; just heat & eat
  • Grown and packed in the USA

Top reviews


NASTY NASTY stuff taste like TIN there is woody chunks mixed in when heated it looks like strained baby food. will NEVER NEVER buy ASPARAGUS in a can again. shipping was fast and will buy libbys products again but not this nasty stuff. if I could I would have gave it -5 STARS sorry LIBBYS your products are always good but not this. that was a waste of $11.09 only problem is you can’t return it. this stuff should be called (ASPARAGROSS)
KimberlyAnn Arbor, MI

Pretty good product

I gave this a 4 star only because there were a few pieces in the can that were too tough to eat. However, overall, this is a good product to buy at a good price. and I will order more.
OletaBroad Run, VA

overall good value

Account holders wife here: I would suggest the full size spears so you can check for the hard ones and toss them easier. Going through every small piece proved very time consuming.
InesMyra, TX

My Asperigus from Amazon

I not only love asparagus but I believe it is good medical value, so I am willing to put up with the 15% wood in these cans. The flavor and quality of the rest of the pieces is top quality, You just have to pick out the woody ones which is no big deal to me having picked my own asparagus all my life, So I guess I give it 4 stars. I will order again.
AzaleePort Deposit, MD

Libby’s Cut Asparagus

I could probably eat Asparagus three times a day and these 8 oz cans are perfect for me. I also use them in chinese food, soups, place some cheese on it and it is really great. They are packed to insure you get a whole can of asparagus and not all juice. Taste is fresh and I love the 12 packs delivered to my door.
SherriAptos, CA


I love asparagus but these were awful. There were so many hard inedible pieces in these cans. Disappointing for the Libby brand and price.
MindaCourtenay, ND

Corn stalks for Sale

This Asparagas is very stalky and definitely not a product you want to serve to your friends, unless you want to watch them spit it out !! Way too much stalk was included in the product. I won’t recommed the product to anyone, unless they love stalks..
JanayBryn Mawr, PA