Lick Your Chops Healthy Medley with Chicken Dry Dog Food, 11-Pound Box

Healthy Pet Foods, Inc. presents new dog and cat food in a box, great formulas with healthy ingredients such as whole grains, real meats, fruits, vegetables and probiotics, made without by-products, chemical preservatives or artificial additives, corn, wheat, soy or glutens. The new Lick Your Chops boxes come with easy to carry handles, are easy to store and stack, and easy to keep food fresh with a resealable inner bag. Included in every box is a measuring cup, which helps meets the demand for a weight control product when used in conjunction with the Lick Your Chops feeding plan presented on every box.

Quick facts

  • At last all natural pet food in convenient boxes with great formulas and healthy ingredients
  • easy to carry handles, easy to store
  • easy to keep fresh in resealable inner bag, measuring cup included
  • Box is made from recycled material and is recyclable

Top reviews

great product

The only all natural dog food my dog will eat. I mix a little of their canned dog food in it and he chows it down and he’s a very picky Havanese.
RosannaSmoketown, PA