Lifesaver hawaiian fruits hard candy peg bag – 6.25/bag, 12 ea

INDICATIONS: Lifesaver hawaiian fruits hard candy peg bag For DeLites – Same Great Taste. Hard candy. Individually Wrapped. Naturally and artificially flavored.Reduced calorie.

Quick facts

  • Lifesaver Hawaiian fruits hard candy have only 60 calories per serving.
  • 50% Fewer calories than the leading fruit flavored hard candy.
  • Each refreshing piece is reduced in calories.
  • Enjoy the mouth watering refreshment of lifesavers candies.

Top reviews

Impossible to Find-Thank You for Having These Available

re: Lifesaver Hawaiian Fruits Hard Candy 6.26 oz. bag

My cousin mentioned how much she & her grandkids enjoyed these candies, but the candy was not available in any stores here locally. My cousin is so helpful to me, taking me to dr’s appointments, etc. and she will not accept anything in return, not even taking her out to lunch or dinner, gas money etc. So when she mentioned not being able to find one of their favorite candies, I decided that I would take on the challenge. I decided to surprise her with the candy.

I searched quite a few of my trusted on-line sites for candies that may not be available locally. All those sites had the candy listed as a product they normally carry, but they all listed the candy as out of stock.

Finally I checked Amazon and they had the elusive Lifesaver Hawaiian Fruits Hard Candy. My candy order arrived very quickly and in wonderful condition. I really surprised my cousin when I told her that not only had I found the Hawaiian Fruits Lifesavers, but that I had a dozen bags (minimum amount required per order) for her.

ColeenHermitage, PA