Lifesavers, Wint-O-Green Mint, 50oz

Life Savers Wint-O-Green Mints are breath-freshening treats with wintergreen flavor. Perfect for the breakroom, reception or your desk. Each one is individually wrapped.

Quick facts

  • Breath freshening treats
  • Wintergreen flavor
  • Each one is individually wrapped

Top reviews

Minty fresh breath

I enjoy these wintergreen flavored lifesavers. The flavor is refreshing without being too intense or overpowering. I also like the texture of these lifesavers. They are not as hard as conventional lifesavers; they have a softer texture, which is more enjoyable to chew as it crushes gently.

Each mint is individually wrapped, which makes these a great choice for candy dishes.

I usually have one to two after lunch and my breath feels fresh for the rest of the afternoon. A good choice of breath-fresheners!

TamelaFelton, GA