Lindor Truffles Assorted Gift Box 44 oz.

This delectable Gift Collection features just over 100 of our best-selling Lindor Truffles in assorted flavors of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Peanut Butter. Makes a great gift for any chocolate lover!

Quick facts

  • 100 smooth-melting assorted Lindor Truffles are included in this beautiful gift.
  • Flavors include Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut and Peanut Butter.

Top reviews

Picture is NOT a correct representation of product!!!

The product DESCRIPTION is what everyone needs to be sure to go by when ordering. My order came in, as described, with- dark, white, milk, hazelnut and peanut butter truffles. Although, I would have loved either product to have shown up on my doorstep for the price! Also- My shipping box was damaged but well-packed but with no ice pack. They sent it to South Texas-it’s always warm here! When the box was opened, I found the truffles’ box itself was damaged. This is a really sturdy box. Made out of bookbinding or some other hard, thick card material. The shipping company must have really been slamming it around. Well, it is Christmastime…..
OllieStanton, KY

Great Gift for the Holidays

I love giving and receiving these Lindor Truffles Assorted Gift Boxes for the holidays. They are delicious, bite-sized gourmet chocolates that are individually wrapped. The wrapping looks like miniature gifts with the sparkly and festive colors that look pretty around the holidays. They look almost like miniature Christmas tree bulbs. With the assorted flavors, everyone can find one they like at least. And it’s fun to sample the different flavors. Dark chocolate truffles are included and everyone knows now that dark chocolate is good for you. (Chocolate is a vegetable, after all–chocolate is a bean.) These seem to have popular appeal–even my sons and their friends like them. The host/hostess can put these out for a party, and save some for their family. They keep well in the wrapping and are a perfect after-dinner mini dessert. I find one is enough for a tasty treat. If you like chocolate, you should enjoy these bite-sized chocolate treats.
ShinPlankinton, SD

Product Looks Cheap (Not Like Picture!)

I ordered this as a gift for my boyfriend’s family in December. I was meeting them for the first time over New Year’s. Presentation matters for things like that! I thought it would make an elegant, classical gift; the picture looks all elegant, prettily-packed with a bow.

Well, the box I received looked nothing like the box in the picture. It came in a cheap-looking blue cardboard box with the same inside wrapping you’d find in a McDonald’s toy. Worst of all, some of the candies had jack-o-lantern wrapping. That’s fine in October, but by New Year’s, it looks like old Halloween candy! I couldn’t use it as a gift because I didn’t want them to think I was giving them leftover Halloween candy.

If you’re ordering the box for yourself, by all means, go for it. The quality of the candies is just fine. But if you’re ordering it to give as a gift, watch out! I think they just ship you the oldest (sometimes out-of-season) box they have. Together with cheap packaging, it makes even this expensive gift look careless.

LesaAlex, OK

O M G !!!!!!!

If you like chocolate…..this is the only way to go. The best chocolate in all kinds of flavors. The soft insides are to die for. Love, love, love them. I wouldnt buy them in the dead of summer tho. The package comes with a small ice pack but it’s barely enough to keep them from melting in excessive heat. Prices are good too.
BelenBainbridge, NY

Indescribably Delicious

My husband loves chocolate and Lindor Truffles are his absolute favorite!! He loves the rich smooth chocolate with the creamy filling and the variety of flavors. This order was a Christmas gift and they arrived right on time and in perfect condition. We will definately order again.
NadiaRochelle, IL