Lindt Classic Recipes Milk Chocolate, 4.4-Ounce Packages

Lindt’s finest creamy smooth milk chocolate.

Quick facts

  • Contains 12 Chocolate Bars, 4.4oz
  • Lindt delivers a premium chocolate experience offering a smooth and rich, gourmet taste.
  • Lindt. Chocolate Beyond Compare
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Best for the money

This is the best chocolate; more expensive brands are not better as far as i am concerned. They are so rich with deep chocolate flavor. But the price on Amazon is high. I can get these at Target for $1.99. But there are many other food products that are much less here on Amazon then in the local stores.
DeliaNew Castle, KY

Excellent chocolate

This chocolate is one of my favorites, it’s so rich and smooth and delicious.
The price here is a bargain, so I certainly recommend it and will myself buy again.
GeorgeannWindham, OH

My Favorite!

since I remember I have tested chocolates and believe that this one is the best available in the whole world, I usually buy them when they are on sale in stores
DelorseMcpherson, KS

Best Milk Chocolate Ever

I experienced Lindt Milk Chocolate first in Switzerland and many times since at other places. It is simply the best milk chocolate I have ever tasted.
NancieDequincy, LA