Lindt LINDOR Assorted Chocolate Truffles, 19oz

Milk chocolate balls.

Quick facts

  • Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, 60% Extra Dark Chocolate
  • Lindt & Sprungli ~ Master Swiss Chocolatier Since 1845
  • 45 piece Gift Bag

Top reviews

Low Quality

These chocolates seemed like a REALLY good deal. I love Lindor, but the store near me was out of the assorted kind. I wanted some for my sister’s birthday party. I got on Amazon and found these, cheap price and free shipping! Wow! So I ordered some.

First, they came, and I opened one, and immediately got suspicious. They looked melted, and they were soft. I had read some reviews that people got melted ones, but I ordered mine in April, a cold april, and the temperatures hadn’t been over 55 degrees. It hasn’t been hot enough to melt them! I’ve had chocolate melt on me before, and then harden back up. It looks a little glossy, sometimes white on the surfaces, and is usually denser (not lighter/softer/greasier), but I’ve never seen or tasted “melted” chocolate like this.

Second, they tasted, well, cheap. I still had some of the milk chocolate variety, and I tasted them, bite of one, bite of the other. And there is a big difference. Also, the chocolate in the center of the Amazon one was LOW. Not NEARLY as much as the store bought one.

Third, I stuck them in the fridge, thinking that would stiffen them up. I was hoping the off/cheap taste and the softness was from somehow being melted (though even then I had my doubts). They’ve been in the fridge for two days. I opened one this morning, and they are still as soft and cheap tasting as the one I had before. Also, this one has a poke hole in one side and a “plug” that had fallen out. This plug was big and light colored and soft. It seems obvious that its not the same qulity of chocolate and that the process that poked the hole in the side and “plugged” it was not the regular Lindor method! I compared it to one of the store bought ones, and it looked NOTHING like the storebought ones. It just looks terrible.

I am not a chocolate expert, and can’t say for sure that this is not because of them being melted, but they look ALTERED to me, and taste CHEAP and OILY – GREASY like they were cut with much cheaper chocolate. I don’t know how the packaging and wrappers would be Lindor while the chocolate isn’t, but that’s how they looked and tasted – different. Can melting change the density, texture and taste of cholocate? Maybe, but, in my experience, not like this.

I am beyond suspicious and into nervous. I ATE these, and I don’t know what they are! They don’t look or taste real! It makes me sick to my stomach to think they might have been altered or cut or faked.

I am very disappointed, and am sticking to the more expensive store bought. My sister and her friends are just going to have to deal with a plain old one flavor bowl full.

I really hope I’m wrong, but buyer beware. If they look funny, feel soft and have fishy looking poke holes/plugs, think twice. Eat them if you want to, but mine went in the garbage.

GrahamPekin, ND

Melted and discolored

I do not recommend buying these as mine arrived melted and discolored. Also the bag opened during shipment spreading the truffles all around the other item in the shipment. I intended to give these as a gift but there is no way I’m doing that as they look terrible.
CorazonSteelville, MO