LION Coffee, 24-Karat Coffee, Whole Bean, 7-Ounce Bag

100% Kona Coffee beans from Hawaii’s Kona Coast. OurHawaiian Kona Coffee is selected from the best of the Kona Coffee harvests. These Kona Coffee beans are expertly roasted to produce a consistent and truly gourmet coffee when brewed.This 100% Kona Coffee is available in Whole Bean and Auto Drip Grind.

Quick facts

  • Kona 24-Karat
  • Light Medium Roast
  • Whole Bean
  • 100% Kona Coffee
  • 7-Ounce Bag

Top reviews

Kona 24 karat

I am not too sure why it is the case, but the coffee seemed not fresh and having been roasted quite awhile ago. I am not sure if it is adistribution issue or the roaster’s fault, but I was not really satisfied. It is the first time I try ordering coffee from Amazon.
JeffersonCherryville, MO