Lipton Black Iced Tea Bags, Decaffeinated Family Size 24 ct

Unlike other leading brands, LIPTON Teas are decaffeinated naturally with pure spring water. Pour it on ice for a refreshing beverage that tastes great and fits into your healthy lifestyle. And speaking of healthy, all natural LIPTON teas contain protective flavonoid antioxidants.

Quick facts

  • Pure and simple, this tea is decaffeinated using a natural process that provides a delicious taste
  • Pack of twelve 24-count family size tea bag boxes (total 288 tea bags)
  • Contains 85 mg of flavonoids per 8 fluid ounce serving, is 100% natural, caffeine free, no preservatives or coloring
  • Specifically blended to make a pitcher of delicious LIPTON® tea
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Too Expensive

At this price it is much cheaper to buy the tea at a grocery store, any grocery store.
KrisOelrichs, SD

Super product, great price

We keep a 2-gallon dispenser of iced tea in our refrigerator. Our kids love it, and it’s so much more healthy for them than drinking sugary soft drinks. We try to stick with decaf whenever possible, and we go through a lot of it. We’re so glad that we found this decaffeinated iced tea blend in bulk, and the price from Amazon is very competitive.
BridgettTaunton, MN

Good buy

I live in San Diego, and this is a good buy. The cheapest I can find this box is at Walmart for about .25 cents more plus 7.75% sales tax. Since I am a member of Prime shipping (I buy a large quantity of books), shipping is free. So for me, this works out to be a good deal, and I always have a case of tea on hand.

I’d like to pass on my method of making iced tea, which I can drink all day with no stomach upset whatsoever. Seems very few know that an excellent, smooth brew is made by simply placing two tea bags in 2 quarts of water. Leave this alone for a couple of hours and you will find the best iced tea ever. No sun needed, ever. I learned this from a boating friend who swore by it. No fuel, no heat, and it is nothing short of the most refreshing drink ever. Converts are all over San Diego.

It has now been demonstrated that black tea (fermented green tea) also has the antioxident properties of green tea…so to your health!

MadelenePanacea, FL

Nice mild daily tea

I drink plain iced tea every day – I love water but this is my favorite to drink with lunch. It is mild but nice tea flavor.
JohnsonPort Edwards, WI

just in time.

I am so thankful for my regular shipments of tea. I don’t have to do anything, and they will be shipped regularly. This summer we were blessed with house guests, 3 weeks out of 4 and my ‘stash’ was getting small. Everyone loves iced tea in the summer time and I was making 20 or 3 pitchers a day. I was beginning to get concerned about it lasting, so I got on the computer, checked the status of my order & was assured I wouldn’t run out. It was close, but just in time!
CythiaOxford, NY

Great deal with Subscribe and Save

Hey, it’s tea…nothing amazing, just reliable Lipton’s tea. If there were a “state drink” in Georgia, it would be tea (sweet tea for the masses, unsweet for me).
I use this tea and Lipton’s regular tea as the “base” for many flavored ice teas that I drink year-round.
I use two family bags of Lipton’s tea and 4-6 flavored fruit tea bags to make one 2-quart pot of tea. I find that using the fruit teas makes the tea sweet enough for me that I don’t need to add any sweetners to get a “sweet tea” fix without adding to my waist or risk of diabetes.
CarleneRidgecrest, CA


It’s tea. It’s (almost completely) decaffeinated. It tastes good. I use it for iced tea. Much less waste using two of these than 8 small bags. Decent price per pound when purchased by the case compared to B&M stores.
ManuelaHarpursville, NY

Cheaper than Wal-Mart on the Subscribe and Save plan.

The Wal-Mart I shop has this tea for 3.12, then 8% tax. On Amazon’s Subscribe and Save plan, it is under $3 and I don’t pay tax or shipping. It is also a very good decaf tea; if you are watching your caffeine and still want tea, try this one.
DorotheaWharton, TX