Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup and Dip Mix, Onion 2 oz

The one and only classic! Lipton Recipe Secrets Recipe Soup & Dip Mix Onion is a tasty onion broth that can be used as a soup, and is great for dip, burgers, meatloaf, roasted potatoes, and many more family favorite recipes. It’s perfect for making our crowd pleasing Classic Onion Dip.

Quick facts

  • Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion (2 oz) is a Soup & Dip Mix with a classic Onion flavor
  • Make Lipton Classic Onion Dip
  • The secret to great tasting recipes
  • Makes 3-1/2 cups of soup
  • Great for dips, burgers, meatloafs, roasted potatoes, and many more recipes

Top reviews

Fantastic taste, good value!

I tried to save money by buying the store brands but was unhappy with the taste. As a family that enjoys onion burgers and slow-cooker pot roasts, I had to find a way to purchase Lipton Onion Soup Mix. With subscribe and save I can get the “real deal” Lipton brand just as cheap as store brands. Very happy to have found this on Amazon.
DeloisQueen City, MO

onion mix

great mix for dips, pot roasts, meat loaf, or whatever great value will be buying more shipping was fast del on time.
JacquiChambers, NE

Classic… just less expensive

Great price, especially on Subscribe & Save. They are just like the boxes you buy at the grocery store.
DevonTalihina, OK


This stuff is essential to have on hand when making a roast or pretty much anything in a slow cooker!

Sometimes, it’s hard to find in local grocery stores. This six pack is priced right and it’s enough to give you a good lil stock so that you never run out!

CaryLatonia, KY

Onion soup mix…

What can I say about this. I have never made soup from it… It is great for dips, seasoning, meatloaf, burgers etc. probably OK for soup as well. I just wish it had a slightly lower salt content, a bit on the salty side for me.
HarlandWhite Sulphur Springs, WV

The best!

This is the best onion soup. I use it more for an addition to other recipes such as pot roast and chicken and rice dishes. Also for dip! Yummm
DorieMilton, ND

Best dip mix ever!

Simple to make, just add to sour cream, irresistible with potato chips and crackers. I also add to brisket for great flavor. Subscribe and save price can’t be beat!
IdellRavencliff, WV

Swiss army knife of kitchen seasonings

There are very few things in the kitchen (aside from baked goods) that can’t be helped with a packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. I was reminded of this when I made onion soup burgers and onion potatoes for dinner last night. What a pair of classics! If I weren’t watching my waistline, I wouldn’t have leftovers for lunch! This is also brilliant with pot roast, mixed into sour cream as a dip, and I even once mixed into chili. It’s never done me wrong.

The one downside: the salt content. If you are at all prone to bloating from salty foods, avoid this seasoning! It’s no worse of an offender than any other prepackaged seasoning, but I can’t imagine anyone attempting to use this as a soup due to the salt content.

JeanniePlainsboro, NJ

Perfect for everything but soup

Lipton even kind of realizes that it isn’t really to be used for onion soup, what with the “recipe secrets” branding and all. Because one ends up with a lot of it, when buying from in bulk packs I did once try it as a soup and it was awful, but as a recipe helper it really is hard to beat.

As a helpful hint you can save yourself sometime and just open all the packs into a resealable container, and just use it as a spice. A lot of recipes can benefit from it, but not necessarily an entire packet.

KennethRockford, IL

Great deal on a good product.

I have no super tasting skills so in my opinion all onion recipe mixes taste pretty much the same. I have no brand loyalty on onion mixes and I bought this one strictly because it is a much better deal than what I am getting at my local grocery store. These things are normally ~$2.50 a box at the store, but sometimes can go on sale for less than than $1.50, but that still doesn’t really beat the $8 for 6 price amazon gave me.
I use these things to flavor lots of items including but not limited to: chili, hamburgers, meat balls, stews, and roasts.
Overall, five stars for the amazing price.
TamalaWestfield, ME


The same stuff that you buy at the store…only you don’t have to go to the store! I’m now stocked and ready to make a shabbat brisket on a moment’s notice!
JungUpton, NY

Great for the slow cooker

I love this stuff and it’s so easy to put this in the slow cooker with a roast. It taste yummy and it’s so inexpenisve. Great staple for the pantry.
SusanDeerton, MI