Lipton White Tea Pyramids, Peach Mango 18 ct

First discovered in the Fujian province of China, LIPTON White Tea is plucked by hand from the tips of tea buds before the tea leaf blossoms, to preserve the natural goodness of the whole leaf. It is then infused with the fresh fruit flavors of sweet mango and ripe peach.

Quick facts

  • Has a luscious, fruity smell and is very easy on the taste bud
  • Pack of six 18-count tea bag boxes (total 108 tea bags)
  • Contains 75 mg of flavonoids per 8 fluid ounce serving, is 100% natural, no preservatives or coloring
  • Unique pyramid-shaped bags allow the tea with real fruits, to flow freely for a truly authentic tea infusion
  • Enjoy this exceptionally pure tea flavor and aroma, hot or iced

Top reviews

Vivid Memories of Islands of Mango Peaches….

The tale had been around almost as long as time itself. From Herodotus, to Prester John, to Juan Ponce de Leon, many a great man foretold of the legend of the mythical Fountain of Youth. Our journey’s, at the behest of that rotten scoundrel, Sir Algernon Freeman-Mitford, had taken us from the coast of Ethiopia during the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, to the shores of Bimini, to the swampland of Florida. Still, the mythical Fountain of Youth eluded us.

However, it was during the great exploration during the spring of 1934, and a chance encounter with an village elder within the peaceful Arawak people of Hispaniola that we received our finest intel on the location of the elusive Fountain of Youth. At first, we believed we lacked the communicative arts to converse with the village elder, until we located a young Arawak woman, who understood rudimentary Spanish, a truly coarse and barbaric language. (Romance language nothing, as all knows the most romantic language of all being English, the language of Kings!) Thankfully, Helmsman Constance was in the employ of the H.M.S. Peregrine Cavendish.

Helmsman Constance, as fine a helmsman and navigator in all all his Majesty’s seas, was also a finely educated Cambridge gentleman with a truly exemplary ear for foreign languages. Helmsman Constance considered himself fluent in the barbaric language of the Spaniards, much of it learned after a torrid love affair with Eulalia de Asis de la Piedad, daughter of Queen Isabella II of Spain, while she was married to Infante Antonio, Duke of Galliera. (A true rogue, that Helmsman Constance).

Helmsman Constance turned to the young Arawak woman and said, “Como el viejo, donde la fuente de la juventud es.”

The young Arawak woman turned to the elderly Arawak elder, listened contently and then said to Helmsman Constance, “Él dice que, si la fuente de la juventud es lo que buscas, entonces tenga cuidado, porque es realmente peligroso, pero tiene que viajar al oeste, más allá del gran océano occidental, por la legendaria isla de Fiji. Sólo entonces, una vez que usted bebe las aguas más puras de Fiji, se reciba su fuente de la juventud.”

Helmsman Constance turned to me and said, “The woman says, for the Fountain of Youth, we must find Fiji, and drink the water of Fiji so pure.”

With that the H.M.S. Peregrine Cavendish set a course, and began the daunting voyage ahead to truly the ends of the Earth.

“Captain, if I may, permission to speak freely?”, Boson’s Mate Micklegal asked.

“Granted.”, I responded.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this Captain. I can’t explain it. The boys have heard stories. Stories of this island of Fiji. They say a great Warlord is there. One of them ancient warlords, you know, with…. special powers. They call him, Ratu Seru Epenisa Cakobau. Call him “The Centipede”, because they say he moves silently and strikes painfully.”

“I hear your concerns, Boson’s Mate Micklegal, and I share some of them. But we are Englishmen, of the finest character. We have honour, courage, and valour. If Sir Algernon Freeman-Mitford has asked this of us, then we must obey.” Boson’s Mate Micklegal then pulled out his trusty kettle and brewed us a fine cup of Earl Grey. (As all fine Englishmen know, Earl Grey is the the finest of all teas, “The Earl”, is truly the tea of Kings.)

We arrived on the the island of Fiji after many fortnights. A most beautiful and stunning visage. Such a tropical paradise, one cannot imagine how such a dastardly action, such as cannibalism, can exist in such a pristine and wonderful paradise. But we came for the Fountain of Youth, the waters of Fiji. You see friends, the waters of Fiji had been untouched by man, far from pollution, far from acid rain, far from industrial waste. They say the waters of Fiji are drawn from an artesian aquifer, located at the very edge of a primitive rainforest, hundreds of miles away from the nearest continent.

The wonderful aroma of Island Mango Peach… Recalls such vivid memories…

As we traveled through the rainforest, being ever so careful to avoid “The Centipede”, we were drawn in by the luscious scents of the mango’s and peaches of the island. Boson’s Mate Micklegal made sure to gather these delicious fruits. And then we saw a bright light… the Fountain of Youth it had to be! We pushed through the dense vegetation and arrived at the natural artesian aquifer.

There we saw “The Centipede”, who appeared much younger and calm than we figured him to be. He spoke with nary an accent, and in perfectly understandable English. (Cannibalism aside, a non Englishman with such fine command of the language of Kings, deserves a frothy pint.) “My friends, welcome to Fiji, and welcome to The Fountain of Youth. You see, reality is a bit more complicated. Some waters come right out of municipal reservoirs before they are “purified”. And even, “spring” water is affected by the earth’s many pollutants as it bubbles to the surface. Then there’s Fiji water… uncontaminated and uncompromised. Preserved and protected by its source and location, Fiji water’s aquifer is in a virgin ecosystem at the edge of a primitive rainforest, a continent away from the nearest industrialized civilization. Our rainfall is purified by equatorial winds after traveling thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean. Winds that carry acid rain and pollutants to other parts of the planet just don’t come our way.”

“But you can never remove the water from Fiji”, he said, “For it is the lifeline of my people.” The Centipede offered us a few kilograms of mangos and peaches, which he humbly accepted. He then offered us the bounty of a recent Dutch expedition, to which we politely accepted.

Back on the ship, as in customary fashion, Boson’s Mate Micklegal whipped up a fine cup of tea. He mixed white tea leaves, green tea leaves in the essence of the island mangos and peaches and the result was mesmerizing, Boson’s Mate Micklegal’s finest creation to date. We celebrated, as Boson’s Mate Micklegal slipped below deck into the hold. He pulled out the bottle of Glen Fiddych stored in the hold, took an enormous swig, and toasted himself. However, in his drunken stupor, Boson’s Mate Micklegal falsely believed the H.M.S. Peregrine was under attack by a Portuguese vessel, loaded the peaches and mangoes into the number 12 cannon, and fired away, awakening the entire ship.

For breakfast, I asked Boson’s Mate Micklegal for another cup of the fine tea from the day previous. Confused, and knowing the lack of the delicious island peaches and mangoes, Boson’s Mate Micklegal found Lemongrass and Leaves of Orange from our journey to New Zealand three months prior, and passed it off as the delicious Island Mango and Peach Tea. As we were all hungover, we neary realized the difference!

So to the hack’s at Lipton, while the taste of this Island Mango and Peach tea is mightily unpleasant, the thought and memories it conjures, are truly unique. All hail Lipton hack’s!

LatashiaGarrettsville, OH

don’t be fooled — this is NOT white tea!

Maybe I should have said “this is not 100% white tea.” But then, so should Lipton have said just that. Even though it does not say so in the tea name, the sub-title name, or any of the information anywhere on the box EXCEPT the ingredients list in very very small type (had to get my reading glasses!) — the second ingredient in this “white” tea is green tea.

Why? Because white tea is very expensive. It is costly because it is hard, labor intensive work to harvest white tea. If they sold this product made completely out of white tea — they would not make as much money.

But then, they also would not be deceiving their customers. I drink white tea and rooibos red teas because they are naturally either caffeine free, or so low in caffeine that it doesn’t give me the migraines which caffeine cause for me.

Lipton’s deception did cause a migraine. And they have permanently lost a customer because of their intentional deceit.

All of the other major tea companies make sure their products are clearly labeled as “caffeine free,” “contains caffeine,” “naturally low in caffeine,” “those sensitive to caffeine please read ingredients….” But not Lipton. They made these pretty little pyramid tea bags, but put the same old sad corporate ethics inside.

TamEdgerton, WY

Sorry, No

I know that white tea is supposed to have even more antioxidants than green, but sorry, Lipton Pyramid Teas: this is the only one of the Pyramid Teas which are otherwise excellent, especially the Lipton Green Tea, Mandarin Orange, Premium Pyramid Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) and Lipton Black Tea, Black Pearl Pure Long Leaf, Premium Pyramid Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) that I find rather awful. The other two mentioned above are excellent. This sad comer is infused with a simply terrible fake peach flavor that is, to me, nauseating. If you really like that sort of thing you might still try it. To me it tastes like the awful flavored Bigelow green tea series.
GreggVeribest, TX


This is white AND green tea. Not white like they label it. Sorry Lipton but I will no longer buy this tea if your going to deceive people into thinking it’s something it’s not.
GeorgeWarm Springs, VA

Wonderful aroma…terrible taste…yuck

I have trouble finding plain white tea in my area, so I tried this Lipton, Mango & Peach flavor. The name sounds good, the aroma was enticingly delicious & made me look forward to my first sip. Boy was I shocked! The flavor was awful. I can’t explain if for you; I just don’t like it. I’m using it up anyway because my motto is, “Waste not, want not.” If you think you might like this tea…everyone’s taste is different…I suggest that you try a small box first.
BrianaGranbury, TX


It is one of my favorite teas and i have a lot of different types including the super expensive ones that are ordered from obscure places and hand picked and non the less this is a favorite of mine.

It does have to be sweetened to bring out the flavors and you should steep it for the recommended time frame.

Super tasty and white tea is super good for you.

I found the mandarin orange green tea to be icky though- i gave six boxes of it to my mom because i hated it and she thought it was decent but not as good as this.

ZulmaGrove, OK

Plastic smell and taste

I love mango and peach so I was excited to try this tea. When I first opened it and sniffed it smelled vaguely fruity but there was also an almost overwhelming plastic smell. I tried brewing it to lighter and then stronger strengths but the taste was also plasticy. I haven’t tried many white teas so maybe they’re just not for me but I know Lipton’s Mango Peach is NOT.
LianeOrlinda, TN


love love love this tea – i drink it daily – the only one i drink (and maybe go through a box each week). the white tea is very mild so it’s not bitter. the added mango and peach are subtle as well. if you are someone who doesn’t like a terribly strong tea with some tropical hints, this is it. I’ve tried all the other flavors in the pyramid line, and really don’t like them as much. this one is my personal favorite! it actually is out of stock here in LA – went everywhere to find it – it was the only one off the shelf everywhere i went…. was really going through withdrawal 🙂 glad to have found it again instock on amazon.
VeniceEdwardsville, AL

A lovely tea

This was my first foray into white tea about a year or so ago. Ever since I tried this, I have been addicted to white tea. I am a big tea drinker (I try to drink at least three cups a day) so I’ve gone through plenty of boxes of many different flavors and types of tea. Without a doubt, this is one of my very favorites. The tea itself is very aromatic. As soon as you pour the water over the bag you are met with a delightful scent of peaches. As for the flavor, this is a quite subtle tea and that is exactly what I like about it. I’ve seen some negative reviews regarding the flavor–some people think it does not have enough–but I don’t think this was meant to be an in-your-face kind of tea. I think it was meant to be more of a soothing tea, something calm and gentle almost. I know it really soothes me. Just opening the box and being hit with that scent of peach and mango always makes me smile. It’s also incredibly smooth. I don’t think I’ve ever had a smoother tea before, and that certainly adds to the soothing factor. Overall, I personally recommend this tea, but if you’re worried about the taste and how you’d like the subtleness of it than I would recommend just getting a box to try instead of the 6 boxes I’ve seen Amazon offering. Enjoy!
HoustonSterling, NY

Smells Like Peach and Mango. Tastes like Island.

The sweet aroma of this tea will entice your senses, only to disappoint your tastebuds with its bland flavor more reminicent of island driftwood than peach and mango.

I enjoyed offering it to friends (to try and get rid of it) and watching their faces cringe as they tried to decipher the strange taste. And as an island tea, it helped me imagine what it would be like to live on a deserted island with nothing good to drink.

A close inspection of the ingredients reveals that it is actually part white tea and part green tea. And while it smells like peach ring candy, it tastes nothing like fruit. Thankfully, the unappealing flavor is subtle and weak. If you do have the misfortune of trying this tea, it is much better iced than hot. And take comfort in the fact that everything else you have the rest of the day will taste far better in comparison.

BrynnEagle Point, OR


great taste, great pice and the item arrived very fast. I will without a doubt order again.
VersieFive Points, TN

Try before you buy

I personally enjoy this tea, but it is obvious that the pyramid series of teas finds many different tastebuds. My favorites are the white teas (blueberry/pomegranate and this one). I also like the green/mandarin/orange. Do yourself a favor and try a single box before ordering six boxes (even though the bulk order is a good deal). Once you have discovered your favorites, you can savor the tea and the money saved.
LakeeshaPalermo, ME

Just ok, mostly weak.

This tea is just ok. I had been searching around for a tea that would taste a bit like juice and ran into this at a store. A nice fruity iced tea on a summer day would have been nice but this has failed me. To be fair I gave it a try both hot and cold and if you like warm tea you will not be pleased as this tea is much weaker hot than cold. Tastes mostly like water the “flavor” is almost non-existant. I am not happy with this.
BulaLovejoy, IL

Don’t taste Mango or Peach

I don’t taste the mango or the peach, but do taste the spices. It’s not bad if you’re not expecting a strong fruity flavor as I did.
LaraDelong, IN


I love tea. Hot or iced. Sweetened or unsweetened. My fave…peach iced tea.

During the Summer, I was introduced to Teavana Youthberry but found it waaaay too pricey. And I also enjoy Harney and Sons tea in the silk sachets. After browsing in the local market, I came across this tea (in a sachet) and couldn’t wait to brew it. Suprisingly, it is very close to Teavana Youthberry. I was soooo excited. This tea is delicious! It’s great with or without sweetener.

JeannineLevels, WV

Excellent Tea

My ophthalmologist recommended this tea as being one of the food items that could help prevent macular degeneration. He also recommended that I purchase it from Amazon since the price was reasonable. I’ve been very happy with the product.
OswaldoApplegate, CA

Pyramid Tea

This tea has a very delicate flavor. It also has a mild fruity flavor. Many guests who I have served it to remark how much they like the tea. Unfortunately I am a robust flavor tea lover and this tea has not enough flavor for me
RavenBromide, OK

Could be better

I drink tea cold i do not like it hot. This tea has nice color and smells very good. The flavor is a different story. I did not like peach flavor of the tea. It is not natural flavor. I do not have this problem with other peach teas. It is drinkable but definitely is not my favorite.
ErminiaKyburz, CA

Heaven in a cup

This tea has lovely flavor and an enticing aroma. It lures coworkers to my desk wondering what the delicious smell is! Please get this tea back in stock!
FilomenaDover, NH

delicious and refreshing

This is a wonderful blend for iced tea. It is so refreshing just by itself but garnished with a slice of peach or mango and a sprig of mint it’s also dinner party worthy. White tea is one of the latest health kicks as well so you can’t lose! I also have brewed it extra strong and cooled it then added sparkling water and some honey and served it as a light punch. Again, garnished with fruit and mint.
YangPrairie Home, MO


I ordered this tea because I am trying to stop drinking coffee. I love mango, and I love peach so I thought this would be perfect. It smells wonderful, but it does not taste like a white tea. I may have recieved a bad box but it taste like dirt! I was luck to get a box for $2.00 but none of my friend, who are tea drinker, will take it.
MitchGretna, VA

A BIG hit with my tea-drinking friends!

Without fail, once I’ve taken Lipton’s White Tea with Island Mango & Peach to an event, I’ve been asked to bring it to the next event. My tea-drinking friends love it hot, but at home I love it over ice. Although I first found it in the stores in our small town, it is easier (and a better price) through Amazon.
MarielHarvel, IL


I usually don’t write reviews much but I really felt that I need to for this particular tea. I absolutely dislike it and it smells quite bad. I thought I’d try to finish the package anyway but now that it’s sitting in my office, I realize that I cannot stand the smell of this tea AT ALL. So the rest of the box (almost full) will have to go into the trash.
LeisaMountain, WI

Great tea!

I’m a tea enthusiast, and after having an expensive peach white tea from a specialty tea shop, I was hooked on the combination. After depleting my supply, I came across this Lipton Mango Peach at the grocery store and thought I would at least give it a go. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but this tea really did exeed my expectations! I can’t quite taste the mango, but the peach flavor is there. The tea is light, and not overpowering (I’m not a fan of fruit teas that are so strong they mask the tea flavor). I add a bit of stevia to sweeten, and I’m good to go! It is a very smooth cup, and I find it relaxing. It also makes a yummy iced tea!
VenusMarshall, WA

I don’t care if it’s white, black, or green – I like it

White tea, black tea, green tea — I don’t care what it is as long as it’s very light tasting and doesn’t taste like plain tea. I didn’t like tea AT ALL, but my recent acquisition of an espresso/coffee/tea machine Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer, Blue/Silver caused me to develop a passion for the Passion Fruit Tea which came with my Kaldi. Those tea capsules aren’t available locally, and are expensive as well, so I decided to try this Lipton Mango & Peach Tea.

This is a very LIGHT refreshing tea. It smells wonderful in the box. I like my tea weak and over ice, so I use one bag per 16 ounces of water, and I add 2 packets of artificial sweetener. I think it’s fantastic, and no matter if it’s white, black, or green, it’s probably better for me than a Diet Coke.

BridgetteColumbia, NJ

Great taste!

This is my favorite tea of all brands and all flavors. I drink it cold with no sweeteners of any kind.
Of course everyone’s preferences for food and drinks are different so well someone may say they dont like…
JunitaDecatur, IL

Amazing Flavor

I’m a huge tea fan and try all sorts of interesting blends and brands. This one happened to be on sale at Target so i picked it up. I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed it that I had to purchase more here on Amazon. Its very fragrant, very peachy, more than the mango which is fine. Its not bitter, not too sweet either. The new pyramid bag design really steeps well. Again, I love teas, try and buy all sorts of blends and this one is definitely on my top 5 list, probably like #2.
ChristiniaBishop Hill, IL


I received a sample tea bag of this island mango and peach flavored white tea and immediately wanted more. Not only does this tea taste smooth and flavorful, the smell is like ambrosia. I smell the mango as the dominant scent, rather than the peach. I love this tea hot but I can’t wait to make sun tea with it.
MabelNorge, VA