Lipton Yellow Label Loose Tea, 32-Ounce Boxes

Lipton® Orange Pekoe Yellow Label Tea® Finest Blend Loose Tea. Quality No. 1. Specially selected.

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This tea is delicious, I use it every morning for my morning pot. Flavorful and aromatic on its own and stands up nicely to sugar and milk as well. I normally use PG Tips and Twinnings brands and Red Rose when I can get it, and love green and herbal teas also (let’s face it I love TEA– and even coffees too for that matter, though not so much of that nowadays) but bought this Yellow Label based on reviews here at Amazon and elsewhere on the net and am glad I did. I’ll drink even more tea now, because of both the excellent taste and the value.
DanaEverton, MO

Orange Label LIPTON

This is an excellent tea. Better and stronger flavour than reg. LIPTON. Will definitely buy again. Can be used in a french press, too.
OmegaGap, PA

Good Tea, Good Price

This is not just your average Lipton Tea, they have rolled it into tiny balls, they called it gunpowder. They flavor is better to me than the average Lipton at the local store.
The price is good, and quality is too!
RosalinaJudson, IN

The most bang for the buck for your daily cuppa

Lipton Yellow Label is CTC (crush, tear, curl) processed black Indian tea. Lipton makes it for the UK and India markets where folks take their tea with milk and sugar. CTC tea looks a little like coarse coffee grounds, and it brews quickly into a dark robust liquor that can stand up to milk and sugar. Some tea drinkers say the process gains heartiness, but at the cost subtlety and perfume.
CTC makes a stronger brew than leaf tea or (ewww) tea bags. Start with ¾ tsp of Yellow Label per cup, and steep for just three minutes, and adjust to taste next time. I find a second extraction (six-minute steep) to be quite drinkable. Again, a matter of taste.
I settled on Yellow Label for my daily cuppa after trying several kinds of leaf tea over the years. I also tried Tetley, another CTC blend, but found it one-dimensional and heavy. Single-estate leaf teas still delight my Inner Tea Snob, but their cost makes them occasional treats, not daily tipples.
And it’s on the scale of value for money where Yellow Label is a clear winner. I know of no other tea in its price range that tastes as good. Yes, you can find teas that offer more complexity, subtlety and bouquet – for a lot more money.
If you’re looking for a daily cuppa that delivers real tea satisfaction for just pennies a cup, it’s hard to go wrong with Yellow Label. Start with the one-lb box (about $11). Two two-lb boxes ($35) are even better value, but that’s a year’s worth of tea in my house.
RisaFree Soil, MI

Not The Same Tea!

I have been drinking Lipton Loose Leaf Tea my whole life. The tea in this large box is not the same as the tea in the 1/2 lb. boxes. It is a different texture- kind of like little pebbles- and it definitely does not taste the same. I thought it would be more cost effective to order the larger package, but now I have to figure out a way to get rid of this tea and re-order the smaller boxes. Maybe I can add it to my compost pile! I just wish I had known.
LeonAliceville, AL


I’m very pleased with the taste and I like the round instead of the leaves. I will definitely continue to purchase again.
PetrinaOneida, PA