Liquid Ice Energy Drink Regular, 8.3-Ounce Cans

Liquid Ice Energy Drink offers a unique combination of great taste, performance enhancing ingredients and as a superior mixer for your favorite adult beverage. Liquid Ice is fortified with vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12, and made with natural sugars (not high fructose corn syrup). At times of extreme physical exertion, the body no longer produces the required amounts of taurine, which results in a relative deficiency. Liquid ice energy drink is proudly made in the USA.

Quick facts

  • Case of 24 – 8.3 ounce cans of Liquid Ice Energy Drink
  • High performance energy drink, formulated to provide extended energy, endurance and concentration while preventing fatigue
  • Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12 invigorate the body in the healthiest way
  • Improves focus with no jitters or crash
  • Made with natural sugar, not HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)

Top reviews


This energy drink is my current energy drink of choice because 1) It tastes very good. It is not too sweet or gross like some other drinks. Monster/RedBull/Rockstar all have that yucky side/after taste yet this drink tastes good like Full Throttle. 2) It Works, its an energy drink and it does its job, i havn’t really paid attention to whether or not there is a crash at the end but certainly no jitters. 3) It contains no caffeine or taurine but Co-Q10 which is apparently more “natural” and healthy. 4) 8.3 ounces is a good size, i dont understand why some people enjoy 16 ounce monster/full throttles… they like to pee a lot i guess? Liquid Ice is a very good energy drink. 4) Also, its price is about average, not too expensive.
PiperNew Cumberland, PA

Pretty good stuff. Enjoyable but not much better than the rest.

If I could 3.5 star this stuff, I would. It’s good. It’s full of caffeine and the regular energy drink stimulants. It’s toxic blue in color. And it tastes pretty good. It’s sweet but not cloying or toxic tasting. Will I buy another case? I might if I run out of choices, but in this crowded energy drink market, there isn’t too much getting me to return to this soda, aside from the 8 oz cans I do love. I say, try it. It might be your thing. But for me, I’ll keep looking.
LuciBethel, PA

Liquid Ice

I love this drink….

However when I received it I had 6 cans that had holes in them it was rather a mess… and expensive to have 6 empty cans and it was sticky from leaking all over the place…

MarlonHawaii National Park, HI

Best tasting energy drink yet!

Too bad that they don’t sell this local! I would buy cases and cases and I am sure get a friend of mine that owns a bar to start stocking it and mixing it with the different mixtures that is on their website […] . The only distributor in the area is out of Wisconsin and they are running a special buy 4 cases and get 1 free. Except I think they are too far from me because they aren’t returning my calls.
ShenitaMiddleburg, VA

The best drink ever! Bright blue kick in the can.

I love this drink, the taste is great (kind of like flintstones vitamins, but better!), and it sure gives me energy. Has a great color also, great for mixing with alcohol.
MichelinaArthur, IA

Best Energy Drink Out There!!!!

I like to think of my self as a energy drink connoisseur. I drink quite a few different ones and seen this at a bar in Lincoln NE. I tried it with Jager and without and it is amazing. The said they special order it and there is no where around here that carries it. Well, they weren’t kidding. I’ve looked everywhere and nobody has it around here. It’s much better than Red Bull although I do like that too. More of a fruity flavor which goes great as a mixer or if you just need a pick me up. Try it out, it’s great. And with the free shipping you can’t beat it. It only comes out to around $1.52 per can which is about half of what they charge for similar energy drinks at the stores.
RandyAurora, IL

Tastes great

I love this energy drink. I bought this drink because my old buddy told me about this mixed drink to make that tastes really really good. The drink is called the ‘Panty dropper.’ you mix 1/3 of this drink, 1/3 of Jager, 1/3 of Rated X Vodka. The drink tastes great and in no time at all you will find your self naked and panties dropped. Fast shipping with wonderful service. I look forward in doing business with them in the future. Thanks for your help.
RomanaWarsaw, NY

The best energy drink ever created

Liquid Ice is as effective as Red Bull but it tastes way better and it has a much more inviting FD&C Blue #1 color (aka toxic neon blue) to it. This product touches almost every area of my life because it’s a great pre-workout drink (it contains sucrose, dextrose and caffeine) and it mixes really well with vodka or Jagermeister. I happen to enjoy working out and getting drunk (not at the same time), so I drink a lot of Liquid Ice. If you generally like the feeling you get from an 8.3oz Red Bull but you hate the taste, you will fall passionately in love with Liquid Ice. If you typically enjoy the obscene 16oz or larger Monster, Amp or Rock Star type drinks, Liquid Ice probably isn’t your thing. Either way, I highly recommend that you try Liquid Ice. If you don’t want to spring for an entire case of it, look for it at local bars.
JonaOverbrook, KS

Bought for mixing, ended up liking it!

I bought this beverage as a mixer to make Grape Ape (Liquid Ice, grape vodka, and grenadine), and turned to Amazon since it’s seemingly impossible to find locally. I was a bit afraid of ordering a case of carbonated beverages off the Internet for shipping, but the pack showed up with no leaks, dings, or issues. Beverages seemed to still be fully carbonated and just fine.

As mentioned, I bought it as a mixer, but found that it actually makes a great energy drink on its own! I’d been drinking Monster when I needed a bit of a pick-me-up, but it often makes me feel hyper – Liquid Ice seems to make me feel more naturally alert, which can be a good thing depending on the situation.

I’ll be buying more soon!

FayCoggon, IA

Great energy + great taste!

Liquid Ice energy drink is probably one of my favorite sources of caffeinated drinks. I was looking for a cheap alternative to the popular Red-Bull, and found this on amazon. Let me tell you this, the ratings do not lie!

-Great tasting! (almost like candy. pretty sweet, but not too sweet. it definitely tastes better than monster and red bull. heck, its even better than soda! It would definitely be a good mixer)
-Great energy! (there is a decent amoung of caffeine, comparable to other popular brands. it also contains CoQ, which might be a factor in the more “focused” feeling that i get from it.
-Made in USA!


TLDR: Liquid Ice is currently my favorite energy drink, based on taste and amount of energy. You will not regret buying it!

JoelWindsor, VT

This may just be the PERFECT energy drink!!!

Simply put, this is the perfect energy drink to me….including the flavor! And I’ve tried my fair share, 50+. Goes great with cocktail mixes too! Try it & I would find it hard to believe that you at least won’t enjoy finishing the case.
CorinneParkston, SD

one of the best energy drinks on the market!!!!

Like the heading says…the best 1 out there in my opinion! All the other energy drinks you have to aquire a taste for but with this one you dont. Its almost like a tart koolaide that you just cant have enough of! I give it 5 stars!!
RosarioCokeburg, PA

shockenly …. it taste good

Real talk, I didn’t have much hope for this can. I bought it in a 4-pack at the $.99 store near my house for .99 so basically I got each can for a quarter! I’m a college student and we’re in our last two weeks of school so my boyfriend and I decided to go stock up on energy drinks so get us through long nights and tired morning. I tried this one can (I won’t say the name) that tasted great but was knock off of red bull…. when that stuff died down I had a fever and felt pretty bad… didn’t wanna open up another can. NOW when I tried the liquid ice, I was shocked with the result. The taste wasn’t extremely great to me but it was good. It actually taste like some blue slurpee soda flavor I have had from 7-11 that I can’t put a finger on but with less fizz. I didn’t feel like a crack head which was important because I hate the bouncy feeling. The last time I drake it, it got me through a “homework/study” shift of 8pm-3:30am while feeling fine. I chose to go with energy drinks that are smaller in size because I’m kind of scared to to take something of a bigger dose and NOT be able to go to sleep. I wouldn’t take two of these straight so this 8.3 oz. is good for me.

Alright, I wrote enough…. the end.

AlmedaJuda, WI