Listerine PocketPaks Cinnamon Oral Care Strips – 12 PACKS

Each order has Four 3 24-strip packs.Great cinnamon flavor

Quick facts

  • Great cinnamon flavor
  • Each order has Four 3 24-strip packs

Top reviews

GREAT for helping with that uncontrollable COUGH …

I love these cinnamon strips! (And this is the ONLY flavor that I like. The other flavors taste nasty to me.) The cinnamon strips are a lifesaver at nighttime when I get that uncontrollable coughing (from allergies and colds). In addition, the cinnamon helps open my nasal passages so that I can breathe better (and sleep better). A definite staple in our house during the winter cold & flu season! (And, of course, they are also great for freshening breath!)
SonyaHubbell, NE