Little Debbie Snacks Nutty Bars, 12-Count Box

NEW Little Debbie Snacks Nutty Bars, 12-Count Box (Pack of 6)

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  • Little Debbie Snacks Nutty Bars,
  • (Pack of 6)
  • 12-Count Box

Top reviews

good *and* cheap!

It’s not very often that the words good and cheap go well together but for me these Nutty bars are an exception. The coating is a thin “chocolate-y” flavor, meaning no one is going to accuse this confection of being *enrobed* in high dollar chocolate BUT it does taste like a reasonable facsimile of decent milk chocolate. The wafer layers taste like those old fashioned large waffle cookies, the kind with the peanut butter filling in them. The peanut-y filling part tastes more like a Nutter Butter type flavor (sweet, creamy) rather than a Peanut Butter cup flavor (heavier roasted peanut). The flavors are really well balanced so no one element of the bar takes over the other.

Generous packaging with two sticks per cellophane package – to be honest I don’t know if a two-pack constitutes a “serving” since I always eat both sticks anyway.

I can always find these at local big box and grocery stores so it’s good to compare prices on these; if having these shipped, watch temps in summer – these melt *really* easily*. A good excuse to freeze them though – they are great that way too!

Very pleased with this product and happy to recommend.

DoloresMoore, ID