Little i Sugar Free Chocolate Peppermint, 0.28-Ounce Mirrored Tins

Our fresh, minty chocolate mini-sweets will melt in your mouth – not in your handbag! Freshen your breath and satisfy your chocolate craving without the calories. Our sugar-free premium mints are made in Canada. The patented tin slides open to reveal a handy little mirror-perfect for lip gloss, teeth, and makeup checks. Pop a sugar-free mint and sneak a peek without anyone suspecting. In seconds flat, you’re home free with fresh breath and a sexy smile.

Quick facts

  • A 1-oz self-improvement kit
  • Handy Mirror and delicous, sugar-free breath mint
  • Stylish convenient tin

Top reviews

decent chocolate mints in an adorable container

The Little i mirrored tin is adorable. I’ve given the mints tins away as little gifts and everybody is always very pleased. The chocolate peppermint mints themselves are better than decent, but they were not amazing (they taste good, but are not strong enough to make your breath fresh).

I would certainly purchase these again and would be happy to try other mints made by the company.

ShermanScott, MS